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Pair of 2-Way Small Loudspeakers with Wall Mount

The JBL Control 1Pro Pair is a Pair of 2-Way Small Loudspeakers with Wall Mount with a Plastic housing, MU Metal shielding, Speaker terminals & Wall mount...

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Name Behringer Eurocom CL106TWHD ZL 135-G-T6 100V WhiteEV Evid 3.2T BlackBehringer Eurocom CL106T-WHApart OVO8-W WhiteBehringer Eurocom CL108Bose Panaray 402 Series IV WBehringer Eurocom CL2596Behringer Eurocom CL3596Behringer Eurocom CL2296Behringer Eurocom CL206T-WHApart OVO8P-BL BlackRCF DU 31EV Evid 3.2TW WhiteWHD WL 6-T6 100V WhiteSyrincs DA130TSyrincs WA10TBehringer Eurocom CL206-WHApart SDQ5PIR BlackWHD ZL 135-G-T6-RE 100V White
Description 100 V Installation Loudspeaker100V Broadband Wall Loudspeaker SystemInstallation Loudspeaker100 V Installation LoudspeakerWall LoudspeakerPassive 2-Way SpeakerMounted SpeakersCompact Installation SpeakerCompact Installation SpeakerPassive 2-Way Installation Speaker100 V Installation LoudspeakerActive SpeakersUniversal SpeakerIn-Wall SpeakersWall/ Ceiling Loudspeaker SystemWall and Ceiling LoudspeakerWall SpeakerPassive 2-Way SpeakerLoudspeakersWall Speaker
Nominal power120 W----150 Watt RMS----200W------200 Watt RMS--
Equipped with6" Woofer and 1" tweeter----8" Woofer and 1" tweeter4x 4.5"---2x 6" woofer and 1" tweeter--2 x 3.5" + Tweeter---2x 6" woofer and 1" tweeter5.25"/25 mm-
Dispersion pattern (typical)90° H x 70° V---------90° H x 70° V---------
Connection5-Pole Euroblock--5-Pin Euroblock----------------
Dimensions (H x W x D)450 x 260 x 286 mm--450 x 260 x 286 mm-490 x 260 x 286 mm592 x 206 x 202 mm--749 x 390 x 429 mm635 x 260 x 296 mm------635 x 260 x 296 mm--
Weight10.6 kg--10.6 kg-9.5 kg7.3 kg--25.1 kg15.0 kg8.95 kg---0.8 kg1.8 kg13.4 kg--
ColourBlackWhite (RAL 9016)BlackWhiteWhiteBlackWhiteBlackBlackBlackWhiteBlack-White-White (RAL 9010)White (RAL 9010)WhiteBlackWhite
Woofer in inch6"5"2x 3,5"6"8"8"4x 4,5"15"15"12"6"8"4"2x 3,5"5"--2x 6"5,25"5"
RMS Power100 W6 W150 W100 W80 W150 W150 W200 W300 W200 W200 W60 W8 W150 W6 W6 W10 W200 W30 W6 W
Impedance in Ohms8 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms0 Ohms0 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms0 Ohms0 Ohms4 Ohms0 Ohms16 Ohms
Wall MountOptionalOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
IP Classification-žádná34-40žádná55----40žádná34žádnážádnážádná-40žádná
Rated power---120 watts--120W--200 watts RMS (800 W peak)-----6 Watts/100 V10 Watts/100V---
Equipment---6" Woofer, 1" tweeter---15" Woofer, 1.5" tweeter15" woofer, 6.5" mid-range woofer, 1.5" tweeter-----------
Frequency response----45 Hz - 20 kHz------40 Hz - 20 kHz---80 - 19,000 Hz80 - 19,000 Hz---
Dimensions----358 x 244 x 250 mm------358 x 244 x 250 mm---168 x 72 mm265 x 165 x 88 mm-252 x 182 x 170 mm-
Nominal impedance-----8 Ohm-8 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms-------4 Ohm--
Frequency range-----60 - 15,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)73 - 15000 Hz--46 - 18000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)(64 - 15,000 Hz) +/-3 dB--85 - 20,000 Hz100 - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)--64 - 15,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)--
Dispersion pattern (nominal)-----90°H x 70°V-----------90°H x 70°V--
Sensitivity-----91 dB (1W / 1m)---96 dB (1W / 1m)90 dB (1W / 1m)------90 dB @ 1W / 1m--
Input-----Speaker terminals-----------Speaker terminals--
Impedance------8 O------8 Ohm------
Spreading angle of the compression driver-------90 x 60 Degrees, rotatable90 x 60 degrees, rotatable-----------
Inputs---------Speaker Twist and terminal connectionsSpeaker twist and terminal connections---------
Power-----------60 watts------2 x 30 Watt-
Level adjustments---------------10/5/2.5 W10/5/2.5 W---
Maximum output level---------------101 dB103 dB---
Dispersion pattern---------------180°180°---

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The JBL Control 1Pro Pair is a Pair of 2-Way Small Loudspeakers with Wall Mount with a Plastic housing, MU Metal shielding, Speaker terminals & Wall mount included. The retail price is 103.11 £.


Power rating150 W
Impedance4 Ohm
Dimensions235 x 159 x 143 mm
Weight1.8 kg
NotePrice for pair (2 pcs)
Woofer in inch5,25"
RMS Power150 W
Impedance in Ohms4 Ohms
IP Classificationžádná
Wall MountYes

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