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Active Near Field Monitor

The JBL 305P MKII is an Active Near Field Monitor with a 2-Way class-D amplifier 82 watts - 41 watts woofer and 41 watts tweeter, Input sensitivity...

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Name Genelec 8330 AWMGenelec 8340 AWMHercules DJ Monitor 42Presonus Eris E66Monkey Banana Gibbon5 blackEquator D8 MK2Dynaudio LYD-8 BlackYamaha MSP 3KRK V4S4Dynaudio LYD-7 BlackKRK Rokit RP7 G4 White NoiseKRK Rokit RP10-3 G4Alesis Elevate 3 MKIIGenelec 8320 APMQuested S7R Mk3 ActiveKS Digital C8-Reference blackNeumann KH 310 D leftNeumann KH 310 D rightJBL One Series 104M-Audio AV32
Description 2-Way Active Studio MonitorActive Near Field MonitorActive DJ MonitorsActive studio monitorActive Nearfield MonitorActive studio monitors with integrated DSPActive Nearfield MonitorActive Monitor SpeakerActive MonitorActive Nearfield MonitorActive Near Field Studio MonitorActive 3-Way Studio MonitorActive desktop studio speakers2-Way Active Studio MonitorActive 2-Way Near-Field MonitorActive 2-way coaxial nearfield monitorActive Studiomonitor (left)Active Studio Monitor (right)Active Monitor System2-Way Desktop Speaker System
Amplifier power50 W + 50 W------------50 W + 50 W------
Equipping5" Woofer and 3/4" metal dome tweeter with DCW------------4" woofer and 3/4" metal dome tweeter with DCW------
Frequency range45 Hz - 23 kHz (- 6dB), 58 Hz - 20 kHz (± 1.5 dB)38 - 22000 Hz (- 6 dB)-45 - 22,000 Hz48 - 22000 Hz-45 Hz - 22 kHz65 - 22,000 Hz50 Hz - 24 kHz45 Hz - 22 kHz42 - 40000 Hz26 Hz - 40 kHz80 - 20,000 Hz55 - 23,000 Hz (- 6dB), 66 - 20,000 Hz (± 1.5 dB)65 - 20,000 Hz38 - 22,000Hz--88 - 20,000 Hz (-3 dB SPL), 60 - 20,000 Hz (-10 dB)80 - 20.000 Hz
Maximum level110 dB (peak per pair with music material at 1 m distance)118 dB---106 dB112 dB SPL @ 1m-110 dB109 dB SPL @ 1 m110 dB--107 dB (peak per pair with music material at 1 m distance)------
ConnectionsXLR input, 2x RJ45, 2x XLR AES/EBU input and output----XLR input balanced, jack input 6.3 mm unbalanced-----Combo input XLR / 6.3 mm jack balanced-XLR input, 2x RJ45------
Dimensions (W x H x D)189 x 299 x 178 mm-----234 x 369 x 328 mm--186 x 320 x 296 mm---151 x 242 x 142 mm244 x 347 x 308 mm---153 x 247 x 124 mm-
Weight5.5 kg8.5 kg2.405 kg (active / right), 2.233 kg (passive / left)10.6 kg5.9 kg9.98 kg per speaker10.2 kg4.4 kg5.8 kg8 kg7.6 kg15.9 kg-3.2 kg11.7 kg13 kg13.0 kg13.0 kg2.06 kg (master) and 1.73 kg (slave)-
ColourWhiteWhite--Black-Black-Black/YellowBlackWhite noise---------
Speaker size1x 5"1x 6,5"-2x 6,5"1x 5,25"1x 8"1x 8", 1x 1"1x 4"1x 4"1x 7", 1x 1"-1x 10", 1x 4.5", 1x 1"1x 3"1x 4"1x 6,5"1x 8"1x 8.25", 1x 3", 1x 1"1x 8.25", 1x 3", 1x 1"1x 4,5"1x 3"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS)50 W150 W-145 W80 W100 W130 W20 W50 W100 W-300 W20 W50 W120 W175 W290 W290 W60 W20 W
Magnetic Shielding--
Analogue XLR Input--
Analogue Input (Jack)--
Analogue Input (Mini Jack)--
Analogue Input (RCA)--
Digital input--
Manual frequency correction--
Equipped with-6.5" Woofer, 3/4" tweeter4" WooferDual 6.5" mid-woofer with Kevlar cone and 1.25" tweeter with silk dome----4" Woofer and 1" tweeter----------3" Woofer, 1" Tweeter
Frequency response-45 - 20000 Hz (+/- 1.5 dB)60 - 20,000 Hz--44 - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3dB)--------------
Dimensions (H x W x D)-350 x 237 x 223 mm------256 x 166 x 218 mm-339 x 225 x 284 mm---------
Power---80 / 65 Watt Class-AB amplifiers--80 W woofer / 50 W tweeter20 W85 Watt (LF 55 Watt, HF 30 Watt)50 W Woofer / 50 W tweeter--20 watts-LF 120 W RMS - HF 70W RMS175 W bass amplifier and 80 W treble amplifier----
Inputs---XLR (balanced), 6.3 mm jack (balanced) and RCA connector (unbalanced)XLR, jack, cinch socket---------XLR and 6.3 mm jack combo----RCA Stereo input and 3.5 mm Stereo jack
Dimensions---460 x 215 x 250 mm215 x 190 x 277 mm355.6 x 254 x 304.8 mm-----546 x 329 x 371 mm (HxWxD)---240 x 290 x 310 mm253 x 383 x 292 mm253 x 383 x 292 mm-130 x 165 x 190 mm
Woofer----5 1/4" polypropylene diaphragm---------6.5" (165 mm)-----
Tweeter----1" Silk dome---------1" (28 mm)-----
Crossover frequency----3 kHz--------------3.300 Hz
Input impedance----20 kOhm balanced, 10 kOhm unbalanced---------10 kOhm----10 kOhm
Position control------Presets for free or wall-mounted installation--Presets for free or wall-mounted installation----------
Sound balance control------Tilt filter (dark, neutral, bright) for adjustment according to preference--Tilt filter (dark, neutral, bright) for adjustment according to preference----------
Input--------XLR /jack combo connector-Combo XLR / jack 6.3 mm balanced----Balanced XLR, + 4 dBV----
Peak power----------------210 W (Woofer), 90 W (mid-range speaker), 90 W (tweeter)210 W (Woofer), 90 W (mid-range), 90 W (tweeter)--
Continuous power----------------150 W (Woofer), 70 W (mid-range), 70 W (tweeter)150 W (Woofer), 70 W (mid-range), 70 W (tweeter)--
SPL----------------120.2 dB SPL at 1 m in half-space at 3% THD120.2 dB SPL at 1 m in half-space at 3% THD--
Membrane dimensions----------------Woofer 8 1/4", midrangeWoofer 8 1/4", midrange--
Controller-technology----------------Analogue, activeAnalogue, active--
Crossover----------------Crossover frequency 650 Hz/ 2 kHz, 24 dB/octCrossover frequency 650 Hz/ 2 kHz, 24 dB/oct--
Audio input (analogue)----------------XLR, > 10 kΩ electronically-balancedXLR, > 10 kΩ electronically-balanced--
Audio input (digital)----------------AES3 or S/PDIF via BNCAES3 or S/PDIF via BNC--
BNC Impedance----------------75 Ω (input/ output)75 Ω (input/ output)--
Input switching----------------Analogue, digital A, digital B, digital A + B (all available with and without delay)Analogue, digital A, digital B, digital A + B (all available with and without delay)--
Digital converter resolution----------------16/ 24 bit16/ 24 bit--
Sampling rate----------------32 - 192 kHz32 - 192 kHz--
Digital sensitivity----------------18 dBFS18 dBFS--
Digital converter dynamic range----------------120 dB120 dB--
Mounting option----------------2x M8 on the sides2x M8 on the sides--
Colour (standard)----------------Anthracite (RAL 7021)Anthracite (RAL 7021)--
Including----------------1 Piece - Speaker left1 Piece - loudspeaker right--

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JBL LSR305P MKII - White (Pair)

209£ 224.0£ 12 01d


The JBL 305P MKII is an Active Near Field Monitor with a 2-Way class-D amplifier 82 watts - 41 watts woofer and 41 watts tweeter, Input sensitivity adjustable +4 dBu / -10 dB, Boundary EQ, HF trim switch, Line input XLR and 6.3 mm jack balanced, 15 mm MDF housing & Price per piece.


Equipment5" Woofer and 1" tweeter
Frequency response (+/- 3dB)49 - 20,000 Hz
Maximum level108 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD)298 x 185 x 231 mm
Weight4.73 kg
Speaker size1x 5"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS)82 W
Magnetic ShieldingYes
Analogue XLR InputYes
Analogue Input (Jack)Yes
Analogue Input (Mini Jack)No
Analogue Input (RCA)No
Digital inputNo
Manual frequency correctionYes

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