Jaspers 3S-150B

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Keyboard Stand

The Jaspers 3S-150B is a Keyboard Stand with a For three keyboards, Made from black anodised aluminium, With handwheels, Upper tiers with memory clamps, With...

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Name Jaspers KR200-6-120RSSequenz Standard-S-ABK SmallSequenz Standard-M-SV MediumStay Keyboard Stand Piano BlueHammond ST-SK1Jaspers 3S-140SViscount Keyboard Stand Cantorum DuoSequenz Standard-L-ABK LargeJaspers 170-4-150SJaspers 4S-140S
Description Keyboard Rack W/ RollersKeyboard StandKeyboard StandKeyboard stand for 2 keyboardsStandKeyboard StandWooden Keyboard StandKeyboard StandKeyboard StandKeyboard Stands
Height200 cm----140 cm--170 cm140 cm
Internal width120 cm--------140 cm
Depth50 cm-------50 cm-
Suitable accessoriesFurther holders, monitor holders, micro boom arm, music stand, laptop stand. (all not included)-------Further holders, monitor holders, micro arm, gusset plate, laptop stand, TFT adapter (not included in delivery)-
Keyboard Supports611213-144
Load capacity-30 kg per shelf / 60 kg total35 kg per shelf / 70 kg totalMax. 65 kg per level---30 kg per shelf / 60 kg total--
Dimensions-1250 x 600 x 950 mm1440 x 600 x 1100 mm----1600 x 600 x 950 mm--
Weight-6.3 kg8.5 kg6.9 kg--13 kg6.6 kg--
Colour-BlackSilverBlue---BlackAnodized Silver-
Suitable extension-Rack adapter STA-S-B - Article number 448379 (not included)Rack adapter STA-M-S - Article number 442682 (not included)----Rack adapter STA-L-B - Article number 448376 (not included)--
Material---Aluminium-----Silver anodised aluminum
Width-----150 cm--160 cm150 cm
Max. adjustable depth-----70 cm---70 cm

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The Jaspers 3S-150B is a Keyboard Stand with a For three keyboards, Made from black anodised aluminium, With handwheels, Upper tiers with memory clamps, With two extra rear braces, The lower, reinforced by a second tube rack 60 cm long pair of holders and is also suitable for very heavy instruments, All tiers are height adjustable and able to tilt, Foldable for transport & Made in Germany. The retail price is 186.23 £. Buy Jaspers 3S-150B at Thomann UK.


Height140 cm
Width159 cm
Internal width149 cm
Max. adjustable depth70 cm
Suitable accessoriesFurther holders, monitor holders, micro-swivelling arm, music stand, laptop shelf (not included)
Keyboard Supports3

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