Ibanez SRMD200-SBM review: specs & price

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Electric Bass

The Ibanez SRMD200-SBM is an Electric Bass with a White pearloid pickguard & Volume-, balance-, bass- and treble controls.

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Name Warwick RB Streamer LX 4 SB HPWarwick RB Corvette $$ 4 BR TSWarwick RB Fortress 4 HVTSWarwick RB Corvette Premium 4 NTHPWarwick RB Streamer LX 4 MR HPWarwick RB Corvette B 4 SBHPWarwick RockBass Infinity 4 NTHPWarwick RB Streamer NT 4 NA HPWarwick RockBass Streamer 4 SBHWarwick RB Corvette $$ 4 SW HP
Description Electric BassElectric BassE-BassElectric bass4-String Electric BassElectric Bass4-String Electric BassElectric BassElectric BassElectric Bass
Arched bodyCarolina-------Carolina-
Fretboard radius508 mm508 mm (20")---508 mm (20")-508 mm508 mm (20")508 mm (20")
ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong ScaleLong Scale
Nut width38.5 mm38.5 mm38.5 mm38.5 mm-38.5 mm-38.5 mm38.5 mm38.5 mm
String spacing19 mm--19 mm19 mm--19 mm19 mm19 mm
WeightApprox. 3.8 kg-Approximately 4.2 kgApprox. 3.7 kg-Approx. 3.5 kg-About 4.3 kgApprox. 3.7 kg-
SoundboardCarolinaAshAshAlder, Maple TopCarolinaAlderAlderAlderCarolinaAsh
NeckMaple, EkangaMapleMaple, EkangaMaple, EkangaMaple, EkangaMaple, EkangaMapleMaple, EkangaMapleMaple
Incl. Case
Incl. Bag
String distance-19 mm16.5 mm-------
Pickup--2 active MEC P / JActive MEC J / J---Active MEC P / J--
Factory stringing--Warwick RED (42200 M) .045" - . 105"Warwick RED (42200 M) .045" - .105"------
3-Piece neck-----Laminated, maple with ekanga veneer strips-Maple with Ekanga veneer strips, laminated--
Neck attachment-----Bolt-on---Bolt-on
Nut-----Just-A-Nut III (made from Tedur)---Just a Nut III Tedur
Electronics-----Active 2-band---Active RockBass 2-Vand
Controls-----Volume / Balance / Treble / Bass---Volume, Balance, Treble, Bass
Distance from E to G string-----57 mm---57 mm
Strings-----Warwick RED (42200 M) .045" - .105"-Warwick RED (42200 M) .045"- .105"Warwick RED .045"- .105"Warwick RED (42200 M) .045"-. 105"
Finish-----High-gloss---Transparent Matte

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IBANEZ SRMD200-SBM Electric Bass IN Sapphire Blue Metallic
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  • Item location: , DE
Ibanez SRMD200-SBM Sapphire Blue Metallic Electric Bass Guitar
  • Tuners: Ibanez Machine Heads. Fingerboard Inlay: Black Dot. Neck Pickup: Dynamix P. Neck Shape: SRMD4. Bridge/Tailpiece: B10. Nut Material: Plastic. Nut Width: 1.496". Scale Length: 32".
  • Item location: Kuala Lumpur, MY

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The Ibanez SRMD200-SBM is an Electric Bass with a White pearloid pickguard & Volume-, balance-, bass- and treble controls. The retail price is 228.16 £.


Neck attachmentBolt-on
Neck profileSRMD4
Fretboard inlaysDot
Nut width38 mm
Fretboard radius305 mm
ElectronicsCustom 2-band EQ
Incl. CaseNo
Incl. BagNo

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