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String Set for Piccolo Guitar

The Ibanez IPCS6C is a String Set for Piccolo Guitar with a Coated.

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Name Pyramid Resonator StringsGHS PL1650 Phil Leadbetter SetPyramid Dadgad Acoustic GuitarGHS RB1600Ibanez IPCS6CPyramid 331/100 7 String SetGHS 1600GHS BB50HDaddario NB1656 Nickel Bronze ResoJohn Pearse 3000 Resophonic
Description String Set for Resonator Acoustic GuitarStrings SetAcoustic String SetSpecial StringsString Set for Piccolo GuitarString SetSpecial StringsAcoustic Strings SetString set for steel-string guitarString Set for Resonator Guitar
Gauges016-018-026-035-046-056016, 018, 028, 036, 044, 056013 .017 .024 .032 .042 .056015-017-026w-034w-044w-054w.010, .014, .024w, .030w, .039w, .047w011 .015 .022 .030 .040 .050 .060016-018-028w-036w-046w-056w014/018/028/038/048/060.016, .018, .w028, .035, .045, .056016-059
Of the strings0,0160" – 0,0560"0,0160" – 0,0560"0,0130" – 0,0560"0,0150" – 0,0540"-0,0110" – 0,0600"0,0160" – 0,0560"0,0140" – 0,0600"-0,0160" – 0,0590"
MaterialBronzePhosphor BronzePhosphor BronzeBronzeBronze 80/20Bronze 80/20NickelBronze 80/20Nickel BronzeNickel

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The Ibanez IPCS6C is a String Set for Piccolo Guitar with a Coated. The retail price is 5.87 £.


Gauges.010, .014, .024w, .030w, .039w, .047w
Scale432 mm
MaterialBronze 80/20

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