Heritage Audio DMA-73 review: specs & price

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Microphone Preamplifier

The Heritage Audio DMA-73 is a Microphone Preamplifier with a 80 dB Class A microphone preamplifier, HI-LO selectable input impedance, High gain settings...

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Name Sonifex Redbox RB-MA1 Mic PreampUK Sound 1073 Mic Pre EQTrident Audio A-RangeFredenstein F676Phoenix Audio Ascent One EQAMS Neve 4081 QuadMic PreampHeritage Audio DMA-73SPL Goldmike Studioset 3Avalon U5 Vovox BundleGrace Design M201
Description Professional Microphone Preamp2-Channel Channel Strip1-Channel Microphone Tube PreamplifierMono channel strip with preamp and EQ4-Channel Microphone PreampMicrophone PreamplifierSPL Goldmike 9844Avalon U52-Channel Microphone Preamp
Number of microphone inputs1-21142202
Instrument input-
Phantom power-
Phase Reverse-
External effect loops-
Analogue OutputsXLR-XLR, jackXLRJackXLRXLRXLR, jackXLR, jackXLR
Digitale OutputsNone-0None-Optional-NoneNone0
Headphone connection-
Level Meter-
2 Microphone inputs--XLR------XLR
Format---9.5" / 2 U19"/ 1 RU----19"/ 2 HU

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The Heritage Audio DMA-73 is a Microphone Preamplifier with a 80 dB Class A microphone preamplifier, HI-LO selectable input impedance, High gain settings have a higher input impedance, Ideal for older ribbon microphones, 50 dB Class A Line preamplifier, Discreet Class A Ultra High Impedance J-Fet Direct Input to a high-quality Neutrik jack, The DI input is in front of the input transformer, which is directly in the signal path, Class A single ended 2N3055 output stage with enormous headroom, Gold-plated Neutrik XLR connectors for inputs and outputs, 80 Hz Hi Pass filter, 18dB / Octave slope, OUTPUT control allows turning down in order to intentionally override the preamp., External power supply to avoid electromagnetic interferences and thus "hum", Carnhill input and output transformer, 3 Gain stages & Marconi style knob and engraved "vintage" push buttons. The retail price is 1813.46 £.


PAD20 dB Mic input PAD in front of the input transformer to avoid overdriving the transformer
HI PASS FILTERActive third-order discrete filter (Bessel)
Number of microphone inputs2
Instrument inputYes
Phantom powerYes
Phase ReverseYes
External effect loopsNo
Analogue OutputsXLR
Headphone connectionNo
Level MeterNo

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