Hemingway DP-201 MKII AT

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Digital Piano

The Hemingway DP-201 MKII AT is a Digital Piano with a 88 Weighted keys with hammer action keyboard, 64 Voice polyphony, Transpose, Split and Layer...

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Name Thomann DP-33 B Music2me BundleThomann DP-33 B Skoove BundleThomann DP-33 WH Music2me BundleCasio PX-870 BN Privia SetCasio PX-S1000 RDCasio PX-870 BN PriviaCasio PX-770 BN Privia SetRoland FP-30 WH Case SetYamaha YDP-S34 WA SetCasio PX-770 BN Privia
Description Bundle offer comprising:Thomann DP-33 BBundle offer comprising:Casio PX-870 BN PriviaDigital PianoDigital PianoCasio PX-770 BN PriviaRoland FP-30 WHYamaha YDP-S34 WA AriusDigital Piano
DesignBlackBlackWhiteBrownRedBrownBrownWhiteWhite AshBrown
Wooden Keyboard
Ivory Feel Keyboard - -
Storage typeUSB MIDIUSB MIDIUSB MIDIUSB to Device, USB to HostUSB to DeviceUSB to Device, USB to HostUSB to HostUSB to Device USB to Host
Weight-37 kg-34.3 kg11.2 kg34.3 kg-14.1 kg35.9 kg-
Colour-Black-Brown matteRedBrown matteBrown matteWhiteWhite ash matteBrown matte
Speaker---20W + 20W-20W + 20W2x 8 watts--2x 8 watts
Dimensions including stand (W x D x H)---1393 x 299 x 801 mm-1393 x 299 x 801 mm1391 x 299 x 798 mm--1391 x 299 x 798 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H)----1322 x 232 x 102 mm--130 x 28.4 x 15 cm--
Weight including stand------31.5 kg--31.5 kg

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The Hemingway DP-201 MKII AT is a Digital Piano with a 88 Weighted keys with hammer action keyboard, 64 Voice polyphony, Transpose, Split and Layer functions, 16 Sounds, Reverb and chorus, Metronome, 16 Demo songs, Duet mode, LC-Display & Includes note stand, power adapter and sustain pedal. The retail price is 281.08 £. Buy Hemingway DP-201 MKII AT at Thomann UK.


USB interfaceAudio signal transmission to PC / Mac
Internal recorder5 Tracks, 50000 notes
Speaker system2 x 15 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)1325 x 415 x 965 mm
Weight31 kg
Wooden KeyboardNo
Ivory Feel KeyboardNo
Storage typeUSB to Host

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