Harley Benton Parts Humbucker Spring Set review: specs & price

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Spring Set

The Harley Benton Parts Humbucker Spring Set is a Spring Set with a Springs for humbucker pickups.

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Name Schaller Flügel Schrauben Set CHEMG 1 or 2 PU HZ Wiring Kit LSSchaller Button Screws Set GoldFender Standard Vintage Bass FretsEMG TW Pickup Quik Connect CableGrover Button for 102 RotomaticsSchaller M6 Button Large Metal GDGibson PRKP-060 Knob Pointers GoldEMG CBL-HZ Quik Connect CableSchaller M6 Vintage-Button
Description Wiring KitVintage Style Bass FretsPickup Quick Connect CableMachine Head ButtonLarge metal tuning peg buttonSet of Knob Pointers for PotentiometersConnector CableButton for Schaller Machine Heads
Length---6.03 cm (2.375")381 mm---380 mm-
Shipping quantity---24 Pieces--1 Piece---

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Harley Benton Parts  Tuners Machine Heads  3R/3L Chrome 3x3
  • Removed from a Harley Benton Manhattan guitar as O have upgraded to Grover Midi tuners.
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB
Thomann Harley Benton Parts Chrome Machine Heads New Sealed Guitar Tuning Pegs
  • Item location: BANBURY, GB

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The Harley Benton Parts Humbucker Spring Set is a Spring Set with a Springs for humbucker pickups. The retail price is 1.83 £.


Length31 mm
Package quantity4 Pieces

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