Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-16SCE review: specs & price

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Steel-String Guitar with Pickup

The Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-16SCE is a Steel-String Guitar with Pickup with a Dovetail construction, Scalloped X-bracing & Black body binding.

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Name Recording King RPS-7-GY Single O ParlorRecording King ROS-9-TSRecording King ROS-9-FE5-TSRecording King RPS-7-E-BRBThe Loar LO-14-TBKRecording King RPS-9-TSIbanez PC12MH-OPN Bundle 2Recording King RPS-9P-TS Plus Single 0Harley Benton Custom Line CLMJ-15MCEHarley Benton Custom Line CLMJ-15MCE VS
Description Steel-string GuitarSteel-String GuitarSteel-string GuitarSteel String Guitar with PickupSteel-String GuitarSteel-String GuitarIbanez PC12MH-OPNSteel-String GuitarSteel-String Guitar with PickupAcoustic/Electric Steel-String Guitar with Cutaway
TopSpruceMassive spruceMassive spruceSpruceMassive spruceMassive spruceOkoumeMassive spruceMahognyMahogny
Back & sidesWhitewood---Mahogany-----
NeckNato-NatoNato (Catalpa bungei)Mahogany-NyatohMahoganyGabon mahoganyGabon mahogany (Aucoumea klaineana)
Scale645 mm645 mm645 mm645 mm628 mm645 mm650 mm645 mm597 mm (23.5")597 mm (23.5")
Nut width43 mm-43 mm43 mm--42 mm43 mm43 mm (1.69")43 mm (1.69")
ColourGreySunburstSunburstSunburstBlackSunburstNaturalSunburstNaturalVintage Sunburst
Back and SidesWhitewoodWhitewoodWhitewoodWhitewoodMahoganyWhitewoodOkumeMahoganyMahoganyMahogany
Nut width in mm43,00 mm43,00 mm43,00 mm43,00 mm43,00 mm43,00 mm42,00 mm43,00 mm43,00 mm43,00 mm
Incl. Case
Incl. Gigbag
Body shape-OOO-----Single O--
Nut Width-43 mm--43 mm43 mm----
Finish-Satin------Natural matteVintage Sunburst Satin
Back and sides--WhitewoodWhitewood (Tilia amurensis)---Mahogany--
Fretboard and bridge--RevebondOvangkol (Guibourthia ehie)---Padauk--
Neck profile--Thin CC---Thin COval modified COval modified C
Body--------Gabon mahoganyGabon mahogany (Aucoumea klaineana)
Fretboard inlays--------SnowflakeSnowflake
Body binding--------WoodenWood
Machine heads--------DLX diecast chromeDLX chrome diecast
Strings--------D'Addario EXP-16 .012 - .053D'Addario EXP-16

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The Harley Benton Custom Line CLA-16SCE is a Steel-String Guitar with Pickup with a Dovetail construction, Scalloped X-bracing & Black body binding. The retail price is 161.03 £.


DesignAuditorium with cutaway
BodyGabon mahogany (Aucoumea klaineana)
NeckGabon mahogany (Aucoumea klaineana)
Neck profileModified oval C
Fretboard inlaysMother-of-pearl, dots
Scale643 mm
Nut width43 mm
SaddleCompensated bone
Machine headsChrome diecast DLX
StringsD'Addario EXP-16 .012 - .053
Pickup systemFishman Presys-II preamp system with built-in tuner
FinishNatural Matte
Back and SidesMahogany
Nut width in mm43,00 mm
Incl. CaseNo
Incl. GigbagNo

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