Harley Benton BJU-15Pro Banjo Ukulele review: specs & price

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4-String Banjo Ukulele

The Harley Benton BJU-15Pro Banjo Ukulele is a 4-String Banjo Ukulele with a 19 Frets & Open Bracket with 12 tension rods.

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Name Gold Tone WR-7 Wayne Rogers SignatureGold Tone Dojo DLX BanjoDeering Goodtime Midnight Special LHRecording King RK-Elite-75Deering Eagle II Tenor 19-FretGold Tone BUC Concert Banjo w. CaseGold Tone CC-OT Package VBGold Tone Irish Tenor Banjo 12"Deering Goodtime 6 Banjo 11"Gold Tone BB400+ Bass Banjo w/CaseGold Tone MM-150LN Maple MountainDeering Goodtime SpecialDeering Goodtime Americana LHGold Tone AC Traveler 5 string BanjoDeering Boston 6 String A/E BanjoGold Tone BUB Banjo Ukulele w/CaseDeering Goodtime 5-Str OB LHDeering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele BundleGold Tone Bluegrass 5 String Banjo SetGold Tone Plucky
Description 7-String Openback Banjo with Pickup5Sstring Dojo Banjo with Pickup5-String Banjo5-String BanjoTenor Banjo4-String Concert Banjo5-String Open-Back Cripple Creek Clawhammer BanjoIrish 12" Tenor Banjo6-String BanjoBanjo Bass5-String Open-back Banjo5-String Banjo5-String Banjo5-String Banjo6-String Banjo with PickupBaritone Ukulele5-String banjoDeering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele5-String banjo setTraveler Banjo
NeckMapleMapleMapleMahoganyMaple, MahoganyMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMahoganyMapleMapleMapleMapleMaple
FretboardSelected woodRosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)-RosewoodEbony (Diospyros Crassiflora Hiern)BlackwoodBlackwoodBlackwood-BlackwoodBlackwoodMapleMaple-Ebony-MapleMapleBlackwood-
Nut width47.6 mm30.2 mm---34.9 mm (1.37")30.2 mm (1.19")31.7 mm42.85 mm4.76 cm25.4 mm31.8 mm (1.25")-31.75 mm44.5 mm (1.75")35 mm31.8 mm-30.2 mm30.2 mm
Scale648 mm670 mm-700 mm-394 mm (15.51")665 mm (26.18")495 mm-812 mm812.8 mm666.8 mm (26.25")-596.9 mm666.8 mm (26.25")-666.8 mm372 mm (14.65")665 mm403 mm
Tone ring12" Brass----SteelBrassBrass--White Lady-------Rolled brass-
Rim12" Maple---3-Ply violin-grade mapleMapleMapleMaple--Maple11" Blonde 3-ply Violin Grade Maple Rim-----11" Blonde 3-ply violin-grade mapleMaple, multi-layered-
Tension hoopFlat bar---Deering brass notchedSteelFlat Bar----Steel--------
PickupsSMP+--------SMP with adjustable volume----Kavanjo humbucker-----
TailpieceTerminator---True Tone DeeringEZ-StringNo-Knot----Deering Goodtime tailpiece--------
Ex-factory stringing.10 / .013 / .020w / .032w / .042w / .052w / .11-------------Deering 6-String .010, .013, .017, .026w, .036w, .046w (article no. 409733)-----
Head12" LC Renaissance----8" LC Smooth-12" HC Renaissance-14" Renaissance​​11 Remo Renaissance--Coated with Remo LC11" Frosted Top Medium Crown Head (article no. 440395)​​Remo Weather King-11" Frosted Top High Crown11" Remo LC coated-
TuningE-E-A-D-G-B-EG-D-G-B-D-----G-D-A-E--E-B-E-G#-Bb--C-G-C-E-G-D-G-B-E--G-D-G-B-DC-G-C-E-G and G-D-G-B-D
ColourNaturalSunburst-Natural brown-Vintage brown satinVintage Brown MatteNaturalNatural--Blonde MapleNatural, matte-Natural matte-Blonde MapleBlonde MapleVintage brownVintage brown
BodyMapleMapleMapleMahoganyMaple RimMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleMaplePlasticMahoganyMapleMaple, BirchMapleMapleMaple
Incl. Case
Incl. Gigbag
Bridge-Maple with ebony cap--Maple/Ebony-Maple with ebony cap----5/8" Maple/Ebony Goodtime bridge-----5/8" Maple/Ebony Goodtime--
Resonator-Biscuit--Maple in stained red mahogany, high-gloss------Blonde Maple--Mahogany---13" Maple-
Number Of Srings-5554454645555645455
Finish--SatinNitrocellulose------Natural Gloss-------Matte-
Fretboard inlays----Original Eagle-Dots & Star--Snowflakes---Dot & Star---Hardwood Bow Tie--
Machine heads----Banjo Planetary-Enclosed-------------
Armrest-------Vega Style-Hot Dog 14"--------Chrome with Gold Tone engraving-
Binding---------CelluloidABS Black-------ABS Black-


The Harley Benton BJU-15Pro Banjo Ukulele is a 4-String Banjo Ukulele with a 19 Frets & Open Bracket with 12 tension rods. The retail price is 101.97 £.


FretboardBlackwood (Pinus Radiata)
Fretboard inlaysDot
Scale392 mm
Nut width35 mm
Drumhead8" Remo
Machine headsOpen vintage-style
BridgeMaple / Blackwood (Pinus radiata)
Concert ukulele nylon strings056 - 072 - 082 - 058
Weight1.9 kg
Overall length65 cm
ColourNatural Dark Matte
Number Of Srings4
Incl. CaseNo
Incl. GigbagNo

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