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Organ Keyboard with Real Multicontact System

The Hammond XK-5 is an Organ Keyboard with Real Multicontact System with a 73-Key waterfall keyboard (61 + 12 preset keys), 5 Drawbar sets - 4 for manuals...

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Name Hammond SK1-88Viscount LegendViscount Legend Black SignatureViscount Legend Live Black SignatureVox Continental 61 KeyboardStudiologic Numa Organ 2Crumar Mojo XTHammond XK-1CViscount Legend SoloHammond XLK-5
Description Stage Keyboard with Hammond DrawbarsDual-Manual Organ KeyboardStage KeyboardElectronic organ with 73 keysDual Manual OrganCompact organ-master-keyboardOrgan KeyboardLower manual
Dimensions-1170 x 180 x 590 mm---1055 x 300 x 105 mm98 x 49.5 x 15 cm-934 x 124 x 367 mm-
Weight-21 kg--7.2 kg11 kg17 kg7.5 kg9.5 kg-

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Hammond XK-5 Organ

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Hammond XK-5 Organ

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The Hammond XK-5 is an Organ Keyboard with Real Multicontact System with a 73-Key waterfall keyboard (61 + 12 preset keys), 5 Drawbar sets - 4 for manuals and 1 for pedal, Pedal 2 drawbars (footage), Custom tone wheel, Touch response percussion, Chorus, Vibrato and overdrive, Multi effects like tremolo, wah-wah, phaser, flanger, delay and reverb, 2 Freely selectable presets per manual, 9 Programmable preset banks, 100 Factory + 100 User Patches, Tube preamplifier (12AU7/12AX7 tubes), Matching transformer, Master equaliser, Leslie with adjustable slow & fast speeds, Rise and fall times, Rotor / drum / subwoofer volume balance and microphone settings & OLED display. The retail price is 3168.01 £.


Sound engineMTW (Virtual Tonewheel Modelling)
Upper manual2 Sets with 9 drawbars
Lower manual2 Sets with 9 drawbars
Preset keys9 Buttons + cancel for both manuals
Dimensions (W x D x H)1190 x 400 x 120 mm
Weight15.7 kg

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