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Acoustic Elements Set

The Green Acoustics BB-Demitter is an Acoustic Elements Set with a Hole mid-range absorber for the frequency range below the broadband absorber, Has an...

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Name the t.akustik WAS-7 Flock Melamine LGVicoustic Cinema Round Premium BlueGreen Acoustics BB-DemitterGreen Acoustics BB-Easy WhiteGreen Acoustics BB-Standardthe t.akustik Spektrum A20 Absorber BordeauxUltimate Acoustics UA-WPBV-24Ultimate Acoustics UA-HX-12BKthe t.akustik WAW-7 Flock Melamine BDthe t.akustik WAW-7 Flock Melamine Gthe t.akustik Highline A1 Birch WoodUltimate Acoustics UA-HX-12CHEQ Acoustics Spectrum Gobo blueUltimate Acoustics UA-HX-12ORUltimate Acoustics UA-HX-24GRAuralex Acoustics 4" Studiofoam Pyramids BurgundEQ Acoustics Spectrum 2 Q5 Tile 4-pcs GreyUltimate Acoustics UA-HX-24BKthe t.akustik Highline A3 Gloss Whitethe t.akustik Spektrum P816 Absorber
Description AbsorberAcoustic Absorber Set for Medium and High FrequenciesAcoustic Elements SetSet Of 2 Acoustic ElementsAcoustic Element Set of 2 PiecesAbsorberAbsorbersAbsorberAbsorber Module SetDetached Acoustic Panel & Bass Trap4" Studiofoam PyramidsAcoustic ElementAbsorber Module SetPerforated Absorber
Absorber profileTips-------Wedges (steps)Wedges (steps)----------
MaterialMelamine Resin FoamFoam, TextileWoodTextile, CorusoWoodWood, Rockwool, Textile, CompositeAcoustic FoamAcoustic FoamMelamine Resin FoamMelamine Resin FoamPolyesterAcoustic FoamAcoustic Foam, Aluminium Membrane, TextileAcoustic FoamAcoustic FoamFoamPolyester, TextileAcoustic FoamPolyesterWood, Rockwool
Dimensions (L x W x H)600 x 600 x 70 mm-------600 x 600 x 70 mm600 x 600 x 70 mm----------
ColourLight GreyLight GreyWhiteWhiteWhiteBordeauxAnthraciteAnthraciteBordeauxGreyBirchAnthraciteBlueOrangeGreyBurgundyGreyBlackWhiteBirch
Shipping quantity8 Pieces8 Pieces------8 Pieces-----------
Efficiency--130 - 250 Hz--250 - 4000 Hz--------------
Dimensions--824 x 824 x 150 mm without feet800 x 800 x 100 mm824 x 824 x 100 mm600 x 600 x 100 mm------180 x 57.5 x 9 cm---575 x 475 x 50 mm trapezoidal--600 x 600 x 100 mm
Set contents--2 pieces-------6 Pieces---------
Weight--10.6 kg1,9 kg7.7 kg6 kg------7.5 kg------5.4 kg
Linear efficiency---Up to approx. 200 HzUp to 200 Hz---------------
Sound absorption coefficient-------->0.9 from approximately 600Hz> 0.9 from approx. 600Hz----------
Package quantity---------8 Pieces------4 Pieces---


The Green Acoustics BB-Demitter is an Acoustic Elements Set with a Hole mid-range absorber for the frequency range below the broadband absorber, Has an absorption with a centre frequency of 160 Hz, Especially effective in voice recording or in call centres, Is made with B1 certified materials, filled with the anti-allergenic material Caruso (Ökotex 100 Standard) and covered with impregnated cotton napkin & Two ring screws, hooks and dowels are supplied, as well as wooden feet for positioning and wall spacings, which can be reworked as required to compensate for minimal ground or wall irregularities. The retail price is 427.05 £.


Efficiency130 - 250 Hz
Dimensions824 x 824 x 150 mm without feet
Set contents2 pieces
Weight10.6 kg

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