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Name K&M 19855 Tablet StandMillenium iPhone ClampK&M 19850 Smartphone StandReloop Modular StandK&M 19718Roland SS-PC1 StandReloop Tablet StandK&M 19713K&M 12210 BracketK&M 19712
Description Tablet PC table standiPhone holderSmartphone Table StandStand for Modular ControllersBracket for iPad Mini 4Tripod for Vima JM-5 / JM-8 and BK-7MCompact Tripod for TabletsiPad HolderiPad Holder
Dimensions130 x 80 x 140 mm-75 x 50 x 85 mm261 x 22 x 184 mm--10 x 9 x 2 cm---
Weight---0.86 kg0.3 kg-172 g490 g-0.32 kg
Dimensions of plate-------208.7 x 143.7 mm-197 x 253 mm

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Gravity SA BTRAY1 Projector Laptop Shelf Tray for Speaker Stand 35mm
  • Product type Stands and Tripod Accessories. Gravity KS LTS 2 T Utility Shelf for Second Tier Keyboard - Use with KSX2T Tilti. Length base plate (mm)380. Width base plate (mm)420. Material thickness base plate (mm)2.
  • Item location: DISS, GB

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