Graph Tech PS-8200-00 String Saver review: specs & price

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Guitar string saver

The Graph Tech PS-8200-00 String Saver is a Guitar string saver with a For Wilkinson bridge VS 100.

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Name TonePros T1ZS NTonePros T1ZSA GPRS ACC-4001 Stop TailTonePros T1ZSA NTonePros TP6 G Nashville Bridge GGraph Tech PS-8616-00 Bridge SaddlesTonePros T1ZS CHTonePros TP6 C Nashville Bridge CHRaw Vintage Pure Steel Saddles ST-StyleUSAABM 2500s TOM Style Bridge
Description Tailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeTailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeStop tailTailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeBridgeBridge saddlesTailpiece for Tune-o-Matic BridgeBridgeST-Style USA SaddlesNashville TOM-style Electric Guitar Bridge
Bolt spacing82 mm (3 2/8")82 mm (3 2/8")-82 mm (3 2/8")--82 mm (3 2/8")---
FinishNickelGolden-Nickel--Chrome--Stainless steel
DesignTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticStop TailTune-O-MaticNashville BridgeSingle SaddleTune-O-MaticTune-O-MaticSaddleTune-O-Matic
Single Rider
String Holder
Bridge width----74.42 mm--74.42 mm--

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Graph Tech PS-8200-00 String Saver Saddles for Wilkinson VS100 Bridge
  • Do you want your guitar to be that much stronger and stable?. Then these are your answer.The String Saver material dramatically reduces the chance of a. Fender Blues Junior IV 15 Watt Valve Combo Amplifier Black.
  • Item location: BATH, GB
Graph Tech String Saver Saddles Wilkinson VS-100 PS-8200-00
  • The bridge saddle for Wilkinson VS-100. Thereby be acting as a lubricant, it is not that the string is fixed to the above required for the saddle, it will spread the concentrate tend load to one point extensively.
  • Item location: , JP
Genuine Graph Tech String Saver Originals Wilkinson VS100 Saddles PS-8200-00
  • Graph Tech String Saver Original Wilkinson VS100 Saddles. You get six saddles with three different heights. String Saver saddles are impregnated with PTFE, a permanent lubricant which allows the strings to move enough to take the stress off the one fixed breaking point.
  • Item location: Exton, US

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The Graph Tech PS-8200-00 String Saver is a Guitar string saver with a For Wilkinson bridge VS 100. The retail price is 55.77 £.


L31 mm
W10mm (6 pieces)
DesignSingle Saddle
Single RiderYes
String HolderNo

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