Göldo SR125 Pickup Spring review: specs & price

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Pickup Spring

The Göldo SR125 Pickup Spring is a Pickup Spring with a Spring for humbucker pickups & Length 31 mm.

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Name Schaller Flügel Schrauben Set CHEMG 1 or 2 PU HZ Wiring Kit LSSchaller Button Screws Set GoldFender Standard Vintage Bass FretsEMG TW Pickup Quik Connect CableGrover Button for 102 RotomaticsSchaller M6 Button Large Metal GDGibson PRKP-060 Knob Pointers GoldEMG CBL-HZ Quik Connect CableSchaller M6 Vintage-ButtonGöldo Copper Band Role EL906Schaller M6 Small Metal Button BCShadow SH014 Battery pouchABM 302516n Bolt for TailpieceSchaller M6 Button Small Metal GDSchaller Button Screws Set BCTonePros MSPRS C Locking StudsJockomo Headstock-Eagle White PearlHarley Benton Parts Stringtree Guitar GoldShadow Glue for Transducer
Description Wiring KitVintage Style Bass FretsPickup Quick Connect CableMachine Head ButtonLarge metal tuning peg buttonSet of Knob Pointers for PotentiometersConnector CableButton for Schaller Machine HeadsCopper TapeButton for Schaller Machine HeadsBattery CompartmentBoltButton for Schaller Machine HeadRetaining Bolts / Locking StudsHeadstock Sticker for GuitarString TreeMounting Glue
Length---6.03 cm (2.375")381 mm---380 mm-----------
Shipping quantity---24 Pieces--1 Piece-------------
Dimensions (W x D x H)------21.3 x 7.8 x 15.8 mm-------18.4 x 7.2 x 14.4 mm-----
Colour-------Gold-----Nickel---White PearlGold-
Finish-----------Black chrome-plated--Gold-plated-Chrome---


The Göldo SR125 Pickup Spring is a Pickup Spring with a Spring for humbucker pickups & Length 31 mm. The retail price is 0.38 £.


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