Gold Tone LM-Weissenborn

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Name Gold Tone LS-8 Lap Steel 2-TSBDuesenberg Pomona 6 Lap SteelGold Tone LM-WeissenbornGold Tone LMGold Tone LS-6Recording King RG-32-SN Lap SteelRecording King RG-35-SN Lap SteelRecording King RG-31-NA Lap SteelGretsch Electromatic G5715Gretsch G5700 Lap Steel
Description Lap Steel GuitarLap Steel GuitarSlide GuitarLap Steel GuitarLap Steel GuitarLap SteelLap Steel GuitarLap Steel Guitar
NeckMaple---Maple---MahoganyMahogany (Aucoumea klaineana)
Scale635 mm (25")650 mm-629 mm635 mm--59 cm-572 mm
Nut width60.32 mm (2.37")--49.2 mm50.8 mm----47.6 mm
Colour2-Tone Tobacco Sunburst---2-Tone Tobacco SunburstSunburst, high-gloss-NaturalBlack SparkleTobacco Sunburst
Pickups-2x Duesenberg Toaster--SoapbarEMG designed P-90----
Controls-Volume, Speed-pot tone------Volume and ToneVolume & Tone
Back and sides---MahoganyMahogany-----
String gauges-----015-017 - 024-032 - 045-056-015 - 017 - 024 - 032 - 045 - 056--
Pickup--------1 Single coil1 Single coil

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Gold Tone LM Weissenborn

Gold Tone LM weissenborn

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Gold Tone SM Weissenborn

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