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F-Style Mandolin

The Gold Tone GM-70+ is a F-Style Mandolin with a Traditional fretboard inlays, 2-Way adjustable truss rod, Cast tailpiece, Open machine heads & Gold-plated...

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Name Gibson F-5GGibson F-5L The Fern MandolineSeagull S8 Mandoline NaturalGibson Doyle Lawson MandolinEpiphone MM-40LGold Tone F-12 Sunburst SatinGold Tone GM-70+Harley Benton MA-500 SB BundleLuna Guitars BGM Moon F Mandolin BKOrtega RMAE40SBK
Description MandolinMandolinMandolinF-style MandolinMandolinF-Style Mando GuitarF-Style MandolinHarley Benton MA-500 VS Bluegrass SeriesF-Style MandolinElectric Mandolin
Back and sidesMaple----MapleMaple-MahoganyMaple
Scale353 mm-352 mm (13.9")353 mm-381 mm (15")348 mm (13 11/16")350 mm356 mm345 mm
Nut width27 mm26 mm30.2 mm (1.19")31 mm-47.6 mm (1.87")28.6 mm (1 1/8")28 mm29 mm-
ColourSunburstSunburstNaturalSunburstSunburstSunburstSunburstSunburstBlackBlack, Matt
ShapeF MandolineF MandolineDrop FormF MandolineF-StyleF-StyleF MandolineE MandolineF MandolineA-Style
TopSpruceSpruceSpruce, SolidSpruceMapleMapleSpruce, SolidNoneSpruceSpruce
Pickup System
Incl. Case
Incl. Gigbag
Back & sides-Maple-Maple------
Fretboard--Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)Ebony-BlackwoodEbonyAmaranth-Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)
Fretboard inlays--Dots----Dot--
Neck profile---Rounded V-Slim-Rounded V--
Arched top----Solid Maple---Spruce-
Nut width in mm-----47.628.6---

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The Gold Tone GM-70+ is a F-Style Mandolin with a Traditional fretboard inlays, 2-Way adjustable truss rod, Cast tailpiece, Open machine heads & Gold-plated hardware. The retail price is 723.87 £.


TopSpruce, Solid
Back and sidesMaple
Scale348 mm (13 11/16")
Nut width28.6 mm (1 1/8")
Adjustable bridgeEbony
Body bindingCream celluloid
ShapeF Mandoline
Nut width in mm28.6
Pickup SystemNo
Incl. CaseNo
Incl. GigbagNo

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