Global Truss F44250 Truss 2,5 m review: specs & price

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Straight 4-Point Truss

The Global Truss F44250 Truss 2,5 m is a Straight 4-Point Truss with a Includes conical connector.

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Name Global Truss F44C41 CrossGlobal Truss F34050P-B Truss 0,50 mGlobal Truss F34C21P-B 90° Corner blackGlobal Truss F34150P-B Truss 1,5 mGlobal Truss F34R45-45 Circ. Element Ø9,0mGlobal Truss F34250P Truss 2,5 mGlobal Truss F34R35-45 Circ. Element Ø7,0mGlobal Truss F44C30 90° CornerGlobal Truss F44450 Truss 4,5 mGlobal Truss F34 Tower Ring 100Global Truss F34350-B Truss 3,5m BlackGlobal Truss F24C20 60° CornerGlobal Truss F44350 Truss 3,5 mGlobal Truss F44300 Truss 3,0 mGlobal Truss F34T35P T-PieceGlobal Truss F45150 Truss 1,5 mGlobal Truss F34C21P 90° CornerStairville DT24B-Box Deco Truss BoxGlobal Truss F34C41P-B CrossGlobal Truss F34065 Truss 0,65 m
Description F44 4-Way Corner C41F34P-B 0.50 m Straight 4-point Truss90° 2-Way Corner F34F34P-B 1.5 m Straight 4-point trussTruss F34 Circle Element4-Point Truss Corner PieceTower Ring60° 2-Way CornerStraight 4-point TrussF44 Truss3-Way T-Piece F34 PStraight 5-Point Crossbeam90° 2-Way Corner F34 PDeco Truss Corner Box4-Way X-PieceStraight F34 4-point Truss
Pipe diameter50 mm-----50 mm-------------
Wall thickness2 mm3 mm3 mm3 mm--2 mm----1.5 mm--3 mm-3 mm--2 mm
MaterialAlMgSi F28AlMgSi F31AlMgSi F31AlMgSi F31---AlMgSi F31-AlMgSi F34-AlMgSi F22AlMgSi F28AlMgSi F28AlMgSi F31AlMgSi F31AlMgSi F31Aluminum EN AW 6060 T6AlMgSi F31AlMgSi F31
Dimensions500 x 500 mm----------1000 x 1000 x 220 mm---1500 x 400 x 400 mm-220 x 220 x 220 mm--
Weight10.8 kg5.9 kg9.1 kg9.7 kg-----7.6 kg-4.1 kg21.30 kg17.9 kg10.6 kg-9.1 kg3.8 kg9.8 kg6.6 kg
FeatureSpecial elementStraightSpecial elementStraightCircle pieceStraightCircle pieceSpecial elementStraightHeadStraightSpecial elementStraightStraightSpecial elementStraightSpecial elementSpecial elementSpecial elementStraight
Lenght or diameter50 cm50 cm50 cm150 cm900 cm250 cm700 cm50 cm450 cm100 cm350 cm100 cm350 cm300 cm50 cm150 cm50 cm22 cm50 cm65 cm
Distance between tubes-29 cm (outside) with conical connector set (Quick connector) included in the delivery-29 cm (outside)---------------29 cm (outer)
Main tube diameter-50 mm-50 mm----------50 mm-50 mm35 mm-50 mm
Brace diameter-20mm-20mm-------------8 mm--
Pipe spacing--29 cm (outside)--------22 cm--------
Main pipe diameter--50 mm----50 mm-50 mm--50 mm-------
Brace tube diameter--20 mm---------20 mm-20 mm-20 mm--20 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)--500 x 290 x 500 mm------1000 x 1000 x 500 mm----------
Wall thickness (main pipe)---------2 mm-----4 mm----
Diameter (brace)---------20 mm-----25 mm----
Wall thickness (brace)---------2 mm-----3 mm----
Length------------350 cm300 cm-----0.65 m
Distance between tubes (external)--------------29 cm-29 cm---


The Global Truss F44250 Truss 2,5 m is a Straight 4-Point Truss with a Includes conical connector. The retail price is 240.17 £.


Pipe spacing (outside)40 cm
Main pipe diameter50 mm
Wall thickness main pipe 2 mm
Brace tube diameter20 mm
MaterialAlMgSi F28
Length250 cm
Weight15.7 kg
Lenght or diameter250 cm

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