Global Truss F43C25 90° Corner

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Name Global Truss F33C61 CrossGlobal Truss F23T39 T-PieceGlobal Truss F33C19 45° CornerGlobal Truss F33021 Truss 0,21 mGlobal Truss F33R40-45 Circ. Element Ø8,0mGlobal Truss F43050 Truss 0,5 mGlobal Truss F33R50-30 Circ. Element Ø10,0mGlobal Truss F43200 Truss 2,0 mGlobal Truss F43C25 90° CornerGlobal Truss F33C21-B 90° Corner Black
Description 3-Way T-Piece T39Truss by Global TrussTruss F33 Circle ElementTruss F33 Circle ElementTruss3-Point Truss Corner
FeatureSpecial elementSpecial elementSpecial elementStraightCircle pieceStraightCircle pieceStraightSpecial elementSpecial element
Lenght or diameter50 cm50 cm100 cm21 cm800 cm50 cm1000 cm200 cm50 cm50 cm
Wall thickness-1.5 mm--2mm-2mm---
Material-AlMgSi F22-----AlMgSi F28-Aluminum AlMgSi F31 powder-coated
Length-220 mm-----200cm--
Weight-3.0 kg-----12.0 kg-4.5 kg
Distance between tubes----29cm-29cm---
Tube diameter----50mm-50mm---

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FeatureSpecial element
Lenght or diameter50 cm

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