Global Truss F34200 Truss 2,0 m

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F34 straight 4-point truss

The Global Truss F34200 Truss 2,0 m is a F34 straight 4-point truss with a TÜV tested & With conical connector set (Quicklock) included in the delivery.

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Name Global Truss F44C41 CrossGlobal Truss F34050P-B Truss 0,50 mGlobal Truss F34C21P-B 90° Corner blackGlobal Truss F34150P-B Truss 1,5 mGlobal Truss F34250P Truss 2,5 mGlobal Truss F34R45-45 Circ. Element Ø9,0mGlobal Truss F44C30 90° CornerGlobal Truss F34R35-45 Circ. Element Ø7,0mGlobal Truss F44450 Truss 4,5 mGlobal Truss F34 Tower Ring 100
Description F44 4-Way Corner C41F34P-B 0.50 m Straight 4-point Truss90° 2-Way Corner F34F34P-B 1.5 m Straight 4-point truss4-Point Truss Corner PieceTruss F34 Circle ElementTower Ring
Pipe diameter50 mm------50 mm--
Wall thickness2 mm3 mm3 mm3 mm---2 mm--
MaterialAlMgSi F28AlMgSi F31AlMgSi F31AlMgSi F31--AlMgSi F31--AlMgSi F34
Weight10.8 kg5.9 kg9.1 kg9.7 kg-----7.6 kg
FeatureSpecial elementStraightSpecial elementStraightStraightCircle pieceSpecial elementCircle pieceStraightHead
Lenght or diameter50 cm50 cm50 cm150 cm250 cm900 cm50 cm700 cm450 cm100 cm
Distance between tubes-29 cm (outside) with conical connector set (Quick connector) included in the delivery-29 cm (outside)------
Main tube diameter-50 mm-50 mm------
Brace diameter-20mm-20mm------
Main pipe diameter--50 mm---50 mm--50 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)--500 x 290 x 500 mm------1000 x 1000 x 500 mm

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The Global Truss F34200 Truss 2,0 m is a F34 straight 4-point truss with a TÜV tested & With conical connector set (Quicklock) included in the delivery. The retail price is 162.46 £. Buy Global Truss F34200 Truss 2,0 m at Thomann UK.


Length2,0 m
Tube pitch29 cm (outside)
Main tube diameter50 mm
Wall thickness2mm
Brace tube diameter20mm
MaterialAlMgSi F31
Weight12,5 kg; Shipping weight 14 kg
Lenght or diameter200 cm

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