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Steel-String Guitar with Pickup

The Gibson Songwriter AN 2019 Lefthand is a Steel-String Guitar with Pickup with a Left-handed model, Traditional scalloped advanced X-bracing, 20 Frets,...

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Name Yamaha FG820L NTGibson J-45 Mahogany LH 2018Framus Legacy FD14 SV VSNT CE LHFurch Blue D-SW LHGibson Hummingbird VCS LH 2019Framus Legacy FD 14 SV VSNT LGibson Songwriter AN 2019 LefthandTaylor 224ce-K DLX-LHTakamine P1NC LH Pro SeriesGibson J-45 Walnut AG Cutaway LH 2019Gibson Hummingbird Rosewood Burst LHTaylor K28e LHGibson J-45 Cutaway HCS Lefthand 2019Gibson Parlor Rosewood AG LH 2019Gibson G-45 Standard LH Antique NTGibson SJ-200 Standard VS LH 2019Gibson J-45 Standard VS LH 2019Taylor 814ce LHCort Earth 70 LH OPYamaha APX700IIL NT
Description Steel String GuitarSteel-string GuitarSteel-String GuitarWestern guitarLeft-Handed Dreadnought Steel-String GuitarAcoustic GuitarSteel-String Guitar with PickupSteel String GuitarLeft-Handed Round Shoulder Dreadnought Steel-String Guitar with CutawaySteel-String GuitarSteel-string GuitarA Grand Orchestra made of Hawaiian Koa with beautiful inlays.Steel-String Guitar with PickupLeft-handed Parlor Steel-String GuitarSteel-string guitar with pickupAcoustic GuitarLeft-handed Steel-String GuitarSteel String GuitarSteel-String GuitarSteel-String Guitar
TopSpruce, SolidMahoganySpruce, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruceSitka Spruce solidKoa, SolidCedar, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruceKoa, SolidSitka Spruce solidSpruce, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruce, SolidSpruce
Back and sidesMahogany--Solid walnut-MahoganyRosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)-----MahoganySolid rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)-Maple--MahoganyNato
Nut width43 mm43.8 mm (1.73")45 mm45 mm-45 mm (1 3/4")43.81 mm-42.5 mm-44 mm (1.725")44.5 mm43.8 mm (1.725")44 mm43.8 mm (1.73")43.82 mm (1.73")44 mm44.5 mm43 mm43 mm
Scale650 mm628.65 mm (24.75")648 mm650 mm-648 mm (25 1/2")647.7 mm--628.65 mm628 mm (24.75")648 mm628 mm (24.75")628 mm629 mm (24.8")648 mm (25.5")629 mm648 mm643 mm650 mm
ColourNaturalNaturalNatural, MattNaturalSunburst, GlossyNaturalAntiqueNaturalNaturalSunburst, GlossySunburstSunburstHeritage Cherry SunburstSunburst, GlossyNaturalSunburst, GlossySunburst, GlossyNaturalNaturalNatural
DesignDreadnoughtDreadnoughtDreadnoughtDreadnoughtHummingbirdDreadnoughtSongwriterGrand AuditoriumNEXJ-45DreadnoughtOrchestraJ-45ParlorJ-45JumboJ-45Grand AuditoriumDreadnoughtAPX
Back and SidesMahoganyMahoganyMahogany-Mahogany, SolidMahoganyRosewoodCoaSapeleWalnutRosewoodKoa, massiveMahoganyRosewood, SolidWalnutMapleMahoganyRosewood, SolidMahoganyNato
Nut width in mm43,00 mm43,80 mm45,00 mm45,00 mm43,82 mm45,00 mm43,80 mm42,80 mm42,50 mm44,00 mm43,80 mm44,50 mm43,80 mm44,00 mm43,82 mm43,82 mm44,00 mm44,50 mm42,00 mm43,00 mm
Pickup System
Incl. Gigbag
Fretboard inlays-Mother-of-Pearl Dots----Mother-of-pearl, parallelogram---Mother-of-pearl split block-Mother-of-pearl, dots-Diamond-----
Bridge-Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia)------Rosewood-Belly Up----Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)-Micarta-Rosewood
Width at the 12th fret--52.5 mm--52.5 mm (2 1/16")--------------
Strings--Cleartone .012" - .053" (CT 7412)---------------Daddario EXP16 .012 - .053-
Type---Dreadnought with cutaway-----------Jumbo--Dreadnought-
Finish---Natural, open-pored-----Walnut Burst--------Open-pored-
Body shape-----Dreadnought--NEX with Cutaway-----------
Pickup system------L.R. Baggs VTC---L.R. Baggs VTC-LR Baggs VTC System----Expression System 2--
Machine heads------Grover Rotomatic with kidney buttons---Grover Rotomatic---Mini Grover Rotomatic----Yamaha diecast chrome
Bottom and sides--------Sapele / Mahogany--------Solid rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)--
Body design-----------Grand Orchestra-----Grand Auditorium cutaway--


The Gibson Songwriter AN 2019 Lefthand is a Steel-String Guitar with Pickup with a Left-handed model, Traditional scalloped advanced X-bracing, 20 Frets, Includes a case & Made in the USA. The retail price is 2307.73 £.


TopSitka Spruce solid
Back and sidesRosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)
Fretboard and Custom Line bridgeRosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)
Fretboard inlaysMother-of-pearl, parallelogram
Top bindingMulti-ply
Nut and saddleTUSQ
Scale647.7 mm
Nut width43.81 mm
Pickup systemL.R. Baggs VTC
Machine headsGrover Rotomatic with kidney buttons
Back and SidesRosewood
Nut width in mm43,80 mm
Pickup SystemYes
Incl. GigbagNo

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