Gibraltar 9808ARW Drum Throne review: specs & price

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Name Tama HTS5BCN Seat TopDixon PSN9280 Drum ThroneTama HSB3N Drum Throne BaseTama HTS5-BC Drum Throne TopTama HTS8BC Drum Throne TopTama HT530BCN Drum Throne BKTama HTS4BC Seat TopTama HTS7BC Drum Throne TopGibraltar GBR Back Rest for 9608HM & OSTama HT430B Drum Throne
Description Seat Top For RetrofittingDrum ThroneOriginal Drum Throne BaseTop for Drum StoolDrum Throne TopDrummer's SeatSeat for RetrofittingCloth Top for Drum ThroneBackrest (back rest)Drum Throne
MaterialSynthetic leather with fabric sitting surface-----Fabric seat surface---
FabricTextileImitation LeatherImitation LeatherTextileTextileTextileTextileTextileImitation LeatherImitation Leather
Design Of SeatSaddle StyleRoundNoneSaddle StyleRoundSaddle StyleRoundSaddle StyleNoneRound
Height Adjustment Spindle
With Backrest
Removeable Backrest
Colour-Black, chrome-Black-Black-Black-Black

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. The retail price is 114.53 £.


Design Of SeatRound
Height Adjustment SpindleYes
With BackrestNo
Removeable BackrestNo

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