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Acoustic String Set

The GHS BB10U is an Acoustic String Set with a 80/20 bronze.

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Name DR Strings Rare Acoustic RPL 10Pyramid Gypsy Jazz Django 010-045 LoopLa Bella 7GPT Phosphor Bronze XLRotosound SB10 Super BronzeGHS TCB-M Phosphor Bronze U-LightRotosound JK10 Jumbo KingLa Bella GJXL-BE Gypsy RWS&SAdamas 1717NUGHS BB10UOptima Lenzner Silver Acoustic SLight
Description Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar StringsString SetString Set For Steel-string GuitarString Set for Acoustic GuitarSet of strings for acoustic guitarString Set for Acoustic GuitarString Set For Gypsy Steel-string GuitarString Set for Steel-String GuitarAcoustic String SetSteel String Set For Acoustic Guitar
Gauges.010 ", .014", .022 ", .030", .038 ", .048"010 .014 .022 .028 .036 .045-.010, .014, .020w, .028w, .040w, .050w.010", .013", .018", .021", .032", .041".010, .014, .020w, .028w, .040w, .050w-.010 - .014 - .023w - .030w - .038w .047w010/013,5/020/026/036/046.010, .013, .019w, .024, .032, .043
Of the strings0,010" – 0,048"0,010" – 0,045"0,010" – 0,050"0,010" – 0,050"0,010" – 0,041"0,010" – 0,050"0,010" – 0,050"-0,010" – 0,046"0,010" – 0,043"
MaterialPhosphor BronzeSteelPhosphor BronzePhosphor BronzePhosphor BronzePhosphor BronzeSilk & SteelPhosphor BronzeBronzeSilver plated copper
String gauges--.010, .014, .020W, .028, .038, .050---.010, .014, .020W, .028, .038, .050---

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The GHS BB10U is an Acoustic String Set with a 80/20 bronze. The retail price is 10.83 £. Buy GHS BB10U at Thomann UK.


Of the strings0,010" – 0,046"

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