Gewa Bridge for Mandolin-Banjo review: specs & price

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The Gewa Bridge for Mandolin-Banjo is a Bridge with a For mandolin-banjos.

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Name Graph Tech PT-6748-L0 Guitar Nut Flat LHGrover GRB76 Tune-Kraft Banjo BridgeHarley Benton Parts Bridge 5 string BanjoHarley Benton Parts Bridge 6 string BanjoHarley Benton Parts Bridge 4 string BanjoGewa Bridge 5-String BanjoHarley Benton Parts Saddle Inlay 112x14x5Gewa Bridge for Mandolin-BanjoGewa Bridge 4-String BanjoHarley Benton SpaceShip Setting Marker
Description Nut for 7-String ST-Style Electric GuitarsFloating Bridge for 5-String BanjosBridge for 5-String BanjoBridge for 6-string banjoBridge for 4-stringed tenor banjoBridgeSaddle for Western GuitarsBridgeBridgeMarking Pen for Pedals
Material-Maple with ebony top---Maple with ebony inlay-Maple with brass fretwire inlayMaple with ebony strip-

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The Gewa Bridge for Mandolin-Banjo is a Bridge with a For mandolin-banjos. The retail price is 4.39 £.


MaterialMaple with brass fretwire inlay

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