Furman AC-210 A E Power Conditioner review: specs & price

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Compact Power Conditioner

The Furman AC-210 A E Power Conditioner is a Compact Power Conditioner with a 10 A (2300 Watt max.), For video and audio applications, Technology from the PL...

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Name Furman P-3600 AR GFurman P-6900 AR EFurman CN-3600 SEFurman PS-8R/E IIIFurman P-2300 IT EAdam Hall PCL 10 Power ConditionerFurman P-1400 AR EFurman M-10Lx EAdam Hall PCL 10 Pro Power ConditionerFurman PL-Plus CE
Description Voltage Regulator30 Amp Voltage RegulatorContractor Series Smart SequencerAC Power Sequencer / FilterInsulating separation transformer and filterPower Conditioner with Rack lightPower Voltage RegulatorPower Conditioner and Rack light 19" 1UPower ConditionerProfessional Power Conditioner and Filter
Dimensions19" / 3 U19", 2U----483 x 305 x 45 mm---
Installation depth36.5 cm--18 cm------
Weight44.5 kg26 Kg-3.2 kg43.00 kg-7 kg---
Number of Outputs1010991291111911
Connector For Lamps
Design19" , 3U19" / 1U19" / 1U19" / 1U19" / 1U19" / 1U19" / 1U19" / 1U19" / 1U19" / 1U
Format--19"/ 1 U19 "/ 1 U19"/ 3 U-19 ", 1U---
Dimensions (W x H x D)-----482 x 190 x 44 mm--482 x 190 x 44 mm-

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Furman AC-210A E Power Distribution AC Power Conditioner HiFi Power Filter
  • Surge suppression of the highest calibre. Compact chassis makes it ideal for discrete positioning. Ensures optimal performance through linear filtering technology. Weight 1.36kg. 44.45 x 127 x 215.9mm.
  • Item location: DISS, GB
AC-210A E Furman Power Conditioner Compact
  • The AC-210AE compact power conditioner featuring Furman's revolutionary SMP technology. Furman's exclusive SMP Technology provides the highest level of surge & spike protection available. LED indicators provide information on power quality and operational status of unit.
  • Item location: , GB
Power Conditioner Compact - Ac-210a E
  • POWER CONDITIONER, COMPACT, Current Rating:10A, No. of Outlets:2Outlets, Supply Voltage V AC:230V, External Height:216mm, External Length / Height:44.5mm, External Width:127mm, Weight:1.36kg
  • Item location: MANCHESTER, GB
Power Conditioner, Compact, Current Rating 10a, No. Of Outlets 2outle For Furman
  • 1 X POWER CONDITIONER, COMPACT. of Outlets 2Outlets. An Easy-To-Use Checkout. Made By High Quality Material.
  • Item location: MANCHESTER, GB
Power Conditioner Compact - Ac-210A E
  • Type:Power Conditioner Compact.
  • Item location: MANCHESTER, GB

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The Furman AC-210 A E Power Conditioner is a Compact Power Conditioner with a 10 A (2300 Watt max.), For video and audio applications, Technology from the PL series, LiFT offers linear AC power filtering to ensure clean power for unequaled audio & video clarity, Transient voltage surge suppressor, SMP (Series Multi-Stage Protection Plus), Automatic shutdown when external overvoltage over 270 V, IEC320 Input and 2x IEC320 outputs & Ready for mounting, for example, directly to the back of plasma or LCD screens. The retail price is 161.46 £. Buy Furman AC-210 A E Power Conditioner at Thomann UK.


Dimensions45 x 216 x 127 mm
Weight1.36 kg
Number of Outputs2
Connector For LampsNo
Voltage DisplayNone

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