Fun Generation Concorde S

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Pickup System

The Fun Generation Concorde S is a Pickup System with a With spherical stylus, Good for scratching & Made by Ortofon.

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Name Reloop Concorde BlueOrtofon Concorde Digital MKII SystemAudio-Technica AT-XP5Reloop Concorde VibeNumark Groove ToolOrtofon OM QbertNumark CS 1Reloop Concorde BlackOrtofon Concorde Scratch MKII SystemOrtofon Qbert print SH-4 bl
Description Spherical Pickup systemPickup SystemMoving Magnet DJ CartridgeElliptical StylusSpherical Pickup (MM)DJ CartridgeDJ PickupPickup systemPickup SystemReplacement Needle
Frequency range20 Hz - 18 kHz20 - 18,000 Hz20 - 18,000 Hz----20 - 18,000 Hz20 - 18,000 Hz20 - 18,000 Hz
Output voltage (5 cm/s)6 mV------5 mV--
Tracking force range2 - 5 g------3 - 5 g--
Tracking force recommended4 g------4 g--
Weight0,0185 kg-6.2 g18.5 g--18 g18.5 g--
Stylus ShapingSphericalSphericalEllipticalEllipticalSphericalSphericalSphericalSphericalSphericalSpherical
Require Headshell
ApplicationDJ DigitalDJ DigitalHome/Hifi/RecDJ ClubDJ ScratchDJ ScratchDJ ScratchDJ ScratchDJ ScratchDJ Universal
Tracking force-4 g2 - 4 g-----4 g-
Frequency response---20 - 22000 Hz--20 Hz - 20 kHz---
Output voltage------6 mV-10 mV11 mV

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The Fun Generation Concorde S is a Pickup System with a With spherical stylus, Good for scratching & Made by Ortofon. The retail price is 42.22 £. Buy Fun Generation Concorde S at Thomann UK.


Recommended weight4 g
Nominal output voltage5 mV
Frequency range20 - 18,000 Hz (+/-2 dB)
Weight of the system18.5 g
ColourSteel grey / Obsidian black
Suitable spare needleArticle number 453948 (not included)
Stylus ShapingSpherical
Require HeadshellNo
ApplicationDJ Scratch

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