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Premium stereo headphones

The Fostex TH909 is a Premium stereo headphones with a Neodymium magnet drive with 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux density for impressive dynamics, Biodyna membrane...

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Name Blue Ellabeyerdynamic DT-250/80 LTDFostex T20RP-Mk3 HeadphoneAIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Monitor PresetAKG K-175Fostex TH909Presonus HD7Superlux HD-662 WH EvoShure SRH1440AIAIAI TMA-2 ModularTonmeister Preset
Description HeadphonesStereo HeadphonesStereo HeadphonesHeadphonesStudio HeadphonesPremium stereo headphonesStudio headphonesStudio headphonesReference Recording & Mastering HeadphonesHeadphones
Frequency response20 - 20,000 Hz10 - 30,000 Hz--18 - 26,000 Hz-10 - 30,000 Hz-15 to 27,000 Hz-
Impedance50 Ohm, Active80 Ohms50 Ohms32 Ohms32 Ohms25 Ohms32 Ohms32 Ohms37 Ohms32 Ohms
Weight481 g-315 g without cable275 g250 g390 g (without cable)---275 g
Weight with cable-348 g------387 g-
Weight without cable-244 g------347 g-
System-Closed BackOpenClosed BackClosed BackOpenSemi OpenClosed BackOpenClosed Back
Frequency range-10 Hz – 30000 Hz15 Hz – 35000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz18 Hz – 26000 Hz5 Hz – 45000 Hz-10 Hz – 30000 Hz15 Hz – 27000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz
Adapter- -
Replaceable Cable- -
Sensitivity--92 dB-114 db SPL/V100dB / mW----
Cable length---1.5 m-3 m-2.5 m--
Sound pressure level---117 dB----101dBV-
SPL (sound pressure level)----104 dB/V----120 dB

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Fostex TH909 Premium Reference Headphones
  • The TH909’s diaphragm is made up proprietary ‘Biodyna’ material for remarkable frequency response including natural sounding mids, rich lows and excellent presence in high bands. The beautifully unique TH909 cup 'Lacquer Bordeaux' finish is designed and purpose-built in Japan’s Sa-kamoto Urushi Factory, established in 1900.
  • Item location: HODDESDON, GB
Fostex TH909 Headphones
  • Fostex TH909 headphones in pristine condition! Fostex's top of the line headphone - and a good strep up for the th900. Condition is excellent as you can see from the photos - I've tried to capture all angles.
  • Item location: AYLESBURY, GB
Custom Headphone Cable - Fostex TR-X00 TH610 TH909 TH900 MK2
  • Fostex TR-X00 TH610 TH909 TH900 MK2. Custom Cable for Fostex Headphones - Handmade in UK. Highly flexible and lightweight cable, handmade from 4 strands of either Copper or Silver plated wire, sleeved with high quality paracord in colour combination of your choosing.
  • Item location: KINGSWINFORD, GB
Fostex TH900 cable upgrade, TH909, TH610, THX00, 8 core balanced sp-occ
  • Custom cable upgrade for Fostex TH-900, TH-909, TH-610, TH-X00 etc, Silver plated copper cables used have PTFE/Teflon dielectric, Choose from either 4 or 8 core SP-OCC silver plated copper, or 4 core OCC copper, this style of cable uses 4 paracord sleeves which are braided in a litz style.
  • Item location: REDCAR, GB
Headphone Cable - Fostex TR-X00 TH610 TH909 TH900 MK2
  • Headphone Cable - Fostex TR-X00 TH610 TH909 TH900 MK2. Like new.
  • Item location: SURBITON, GB
Metal Headband Cushion For Fostex TH900 MK2 TH909 Headphone Ear Hooks Head Pads
  • Specially designed for Headphone cable. Speaker Shell Hooks-Zinc alloy. Scale Stretch Connector Part-Zinc alloy. Good toughness suitable for spkeaer shell size range 80-105mm. Headband-Stainless steel.
  • Item location: , CN
Fostex 2 Pin Connector Pair - TR-X00 TH610 TH909 TH900 MK2
  • Fostex TR-X00 TH610 TH909 TH900 MK2. Fostex Connectors. Includes 1 pair of connectors L + R. Compatible with .
  • Item location: KINGSWINFORD, GB
Et-h3.0n7ub Fostex Headphones Original 3 M Metre Cable Lead Th-900 Th-909 Tr-x00
  • Item location: LANGPORT, GB

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The Fostex TH909 is a Premium stereo headphones with a Neodymium magnet drive with 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux density for impressive dynamics, Biodyna membrane for fine-drawing high audio resolution and sound reproduction, Case made of Japanese ornamental cherry birch with excellent acoustic properties, Urushi lacquer finish in traditional handwork, Synthetic leather earpads with low-resilience urethane padding, Cable made of 7N OFC copper (99.99%) and robust duralumin housing, Dynamic, 6.3 mm Unbalanced stereo jack, With removable cable & Elegant headphone stand included. The retail price is 1505.77 £. Buy Fostex TH909 at Thomann UK.


Driver50 mm neodymium magnet / 'Bio-Dynamic' membrane
Impedance25 Ohms
Sensitivity100dB / mW
Maximum input1,800 mW
Frequency range5 Hz – 45000 Hz
Cable length3 m
Weight390 g (without cable)
Replaceable CableYes

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