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Active Studio Monitor

The Focal Alpha 65 is an Active Studio Monitor with a With room correction EQ, 6.5" Polyglass subwoofer - 70 W, class AB, 1" Inverted aluminium dome tweeter...

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Name Quested V2104PSI Audio A23-M Studio BlackPSI Audio A214-M Studio RedPSI Audio A25-M Studio RedRCF Mytho 8PSI Audio A21-M Studio BlackGenelec 8331 WHGenelec 8330 AWMAvantone CLA-10APSI Audio A23-M Studio Red
Description Active Two-Way Studio Monitor3-Way Active MonitorActive Two-Way Center MonitorActive 3-Way MonitorActive 2-Way DSP Studio MonitorActive 2-Way MonitorActive 3-Way Studio Monitor2-Way Active Studio MonitorActive Nearfield Monitors3-Way Active Monitor
Frequency response100 Hz - 19 kHz +/- 2 dB, 88 Hz -6 dB34 Hz - 23 kHz (-6 dB)-------34 Hz - 23 kHz (-6 dB)
Dimensions (W x H x D)132 x 262 x 160 mm-166 x 446 x 200 mm----189 x 299 x 178 mm381.5 x 215 x 197.5 mm-
Weight3.5 kg20.2 kg9.8 kg26.9 kg16.1 kg12.8 kg6.7 kg5.5 kg8.2 kg (per monitor)20.2 kg
Speaker size1x 4"-2x 6"1x 10", 1x 5,5", 1x 1"1x 8"1x 9"2x 5,5"1x 5"1x 7", 1x 1"-
Amplifier power per unit (RMS)140 W250 W160 W300 W300 W170 W144 W50 W200 W250 W
Magnetic Shielding
Analogue XLR Input
Analogue Input (Jack)
Analogue Input (Mini Jack)
Analogue Input (RCA)
Digital input
Manual frequency correction
Speaker-1 x 170 mm / 1 x 56 mm / 1 x 25 mm2x Ø 147 mm / 1x Ø 25 mm--1x 210 mm / 1x 25 mm---1 x 170 mm / 1 x 56 mm / 1 x 25 mm
Power-140 + 70 + 50 W RMS120 + 40 W RMS170 + 80 + 50 W RMS200 W+ 100 W120 + 50 W RMS---140 + 70 + 50 W RMS
Tolerance-+/-1.5 dB (39 Hz - 20 kHz)+/- 2 dB (60 - 20,000 Hz)+/- 1.5 dB (38 Hz - 20 kHz)-+/- 2 dB (44 - 20,000 Hz)---+/-1.5 dB (39 Hz - 20 kHz)
Phase tolerance-+/-45° (220 Hz - 20 kHz)+/- 45 ° (270 - 20,000 Hz)--+/- 45 ° (190 - 20,000 Hz)---+/-45° (220 Hz - 20 kHz)
Max SPL (sound pressure level)-1m - 109 dB-------1m - 109 dB
Dimensions-280 x 500 x 340 mm-320 x 590 x 380 mm430 x 310 x 300 mm250 x 400 x 300 mm---280 x 500 x 340 mm
Frequency range--53 - 23,000 Hz (-6 dB)(32 - 23,000 Hz) +/-6 dB35 - 20,000 Hz38 - 23,000 Hz (-6 dB)45 - 37000 Hz (-6 dB)45 Hz - 23 kHz (- 6dB), 58 Hz - 20 kHz (± 1.5 dB)60 - 20,000 Hz-
Connections----USB port and XLR/jack combo input--XLR input, 2x RJ45, 2x XLR AES/EBU input and outputXLR / 6.3 mm jack combo balanced, unbalanced RCA-
Maximum level------110 dB (1 m)110 dB (peak per pair with music material at 1 m distance)--

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Focal Alpha 65 Active Powered Studio Monitors Pair - 105w RMS each
  • Each speaker requires a standard 'kettle' type lead for power (not included). Fully working and sounding great.
  • Item location: MAIDSTONE, GB
Focal Alpha 65 Evo Active Studio Monitors (Pair)
  • Alpha 65 Evo is built with versatility at its core, satisfying a wide range of music production and mixing applications as well as installed sound and music education duties. Remarkable dynamic range.
  • Item location: HODDESDON, GB
Focal Alpha 65 studio monitor pair with cables and foam pads
  • Focal Alpha 65 studio monitors. Selling as haven’t got a use for them. Excellent condition. If you want images of the speakers themselves let me know. Haven’t taken any as they’re packed up but in perfect condition.Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Item location: , GB
Focal Alpha 65 Evo (Pair)
  • This monitor features excellent dynamics and neutrality in its tonal balance. 2 x Focal Alpha 65 Evo. MULTIPLE FEATURES Evo stands for Evolution. EFFICIENT DESIGN The bass-reflex design of the Alpha Evo monitors ensures easy acoustic integration in even the most cramped spaces.
  • Item location: PRESTON, GB
Pair of Focal Alpha 65 Studio Music Monitoring System Monitor (Gen 1) Speakers
  • Unlike existing Focal monitors, the Alpha range is assembled in China, and their use of vinyl–covered MDF for the speaker cabinet reflects one area of the value engineering involved in this move. However, Focal wouldn’t be Focal without a neat design touch or two, and the cabinets, which are larger and weightier than I had expected, feature bolt–on sculpted side panels that effectively camouflage the simple rectangular box sitting between them.
  • Item location: ILFORD, GB
Focal Professional Alpha 65 Evo Active 2-Way Professional Nearfield Loudspeaker
  • Up for sale aFocal Professional Alpha 65 Evo Active 2-Way Professional Nearfield Loudspeaker (Single) ! We are anAuthorized Dealer ofFocal Professional ! This monitor features excellent dynamics and neutrality in its tonal balance.
  • Item location: , CA
Focal Alpha 65 EVO Active Studio Monitor Speaker (Single) (NEW VERSION)
  • This monitor features excellent dynamics and neutrality in its tonal balance. Focal Alpha Evo 65 VERSATILE PROFESSIONAL LOUDSPEAKER ACTIVE 2-WAY. Focal Alpha Evo 65. 6.5”(16.5 cm) Slatefiber cone woofer.
  • Item location: LEEDS, GB
Focal ALPHA65 EVO 6.5 inch Powered Studio Monitor
  • ALPHA65 EVO. Evo stands for “evolution”. This monitor features excellentdynamics andneutrality in its tonal balance. Evo stands for Evolution. Thebass-reflex design ,rounded edges and modern, robust side panels are another big plus for the Alpha 65 Evo, all contributing to acoustical integration and optimum aesthetics in any location.
  • Item location: Boynton Beach, US
Focal Alpha 65 EVO Studio Monitor PRO AUDIO - NEW - PERFECT CIRCUIT
  • Focal evolves its Alpha range with the newly unveiled Alpha Evo. This is demonstrated by the new large laminar port, which limits distortion noise. Evo for Evolution. Each of the loudspeakers picks up the smallest details in the mix, across all musical styles.
  • Item location: , US
Dörr Telephoto Lens 650-1300mm For Sony a-Mount 65v 77 99-II Etc. New
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  • Item location: Bochum, DE
Telephoto Lens Walimex Pro 650-1300mm for sony a-Mount Alpha 58 65 65v 99 77 New
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  • Item location: Bochum, DE
Supertele 800mm For sony Alpha 33 35 37 38 55 57 58 58 II 65 77 77II 99 420 450
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  • Item location: Bochum, DE
Walimex 14mm 2,8 for sony Alpha 550 560 580 700 850 900 33 35 55V 65 77 Etc. New
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  • Item location: Bochum, DE
2 Rockville Adjustable Studio Monitor Speaker Stands For Focal ALPHA 65 Monitors
  • Products go through months of extensive testing before they reach your hands. All user functions are tested and all internal components are tested for quality.Rockville makes products that are virtually un-breakable!
  • Item location: Inwood, US

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ISE 2020: Focal Shows Alpha 65 Entry-Level, Two-Way Near Field Professional Monitoring Loudspeaker


The Focal Alpha 65 is an Active Studio Monitor with a With room correction EQ, 6.5" Polyglass subwoofer - 70 W, class AB, 1" Inverted aluminium dome tweeter - 35 W, class AB & Housing made of 15 mm thick MDF - partially with vinyl finish. The retail price is 232.84 £. Buy Focal Alpha 65 at Thomann UK.


Frequency range40 - 22,000 Hz
Maximum peak SPL @ 1 m106 dB
InputsBalanced XLR and unbalanced RCA - can be used simultaneously
Input impedance10 kOhm
Standby mode30 min
LF shelving EQ(0 - 300 Hz)
HF shelving EQ(4.5 - 22 kHz)
Dimensions (H x W x D)348 x 252 x 309 mm
Weight9.4 kg
Speaker size1x 6"
Amplifier power per unit (RMS)105 W
Magnetic ShieldingNo
Analogue XLR InputYes
Analogue Input (Jack)No
Analogue Input (Mini Jack)No
Analogue Input (RCA)Yes
Digital inputNo
Manual frequency correctionYes

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