Flyht Pro Case Stacking 4 120x50x50 cm review: specs & price

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Universal Stacking Case

The Flyht Pro Case Stacking 4 120x50x50 cm is an Universal Stacking Case with a The inside is coated with foam, Ball corners & Stackable.

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Name Peli 0340WFSKB 3i Series 4213-12 caseThon Energy Drink Case multicolourThon Roadcase 120x65x60 MulticorePeli 1730WFPeli 1610-004-110Peli 1615 Air Case DividerFlyht Pro Eco Rack 1/2 6U Double DoorPeli 1550-000-150Flyht Pro Eco Rack 1/2 5U Double DoorThon Orchestra Accessories CaseThon Drinks Case 0,5L multicolourThon Microphone Flight Case 7 GRFlyht Pro Stage Rack 1/2 5U Double DoorFlyht Pro Stage Rack 1/2 3U Double DoorThon TIP CaseThon Energy Drink CasePeli iM2050GP1 GoProFlyht Pro Stage Rack 1/2 4U Double DoorSKB 3i Series 1914N-8 case
Description Transport Case CubeTransport CaseTransport CaseProfessional Multicore Cable TrunkTransport caseCasePeli Case6 U Double Door Eco RackCase5 U Double Door Eco RackAccessory CaseTransport CaseMicrophone Flightcase5 U Double Door Eco Rack3 U Double Door Eco RackThon Piggy BankTransport CaseCarrying case4 U Double Door Eco RackTransport Case
Inside dimensions45.7 x 45.7 x 45.7 cm---86.4 x 61 x 31.8 cm-75.2 x 39.4 x 23.8 cm-------------
External dimensions52.1 x 52.1 x 48.9 cm--120 x 65 x 60 cm95.3 x 68.9 x 36.5 cm62.8 x 49.7 x 30.3 cm82.8 x 46.7 x 28 cm (corresponds to the maximum permitted check-in size at the airport)-52.5 x 43.5 x 21.6 cm--------30 x 24.9 x 11.9 cm--
Weight13,5 kg12,4 kg2,8 kg47,5 kg17,2 kg9,1 kg6,4 kg-5,4 kg-5,7 kg2,8 kg3,8 kg-3.6 kg2 kg2,8 kgApproximately 1.4 kg (includes foam)-3,6 kg
ColourBlackBlack-Phenol brownBlackBlackBlackBlackOrangeBlackPhenol brownPhenolic brown-BlackBlackPhenol brownPhenolic resin coated brownBlackBlackBlack
Bag TypeUniversal CaseUniversal CaseMiscellaneousToolcaseUniversal CaseUniversal CaseUniversal Case-Universal Case-Universal CaseMiscellaneousMiscellaneous--MiscellaneousMiscellaneousUniversal Case-Universal Case
InteriorFoam BlockFoam BlockSpecially fittedSpecially fittedFoam BlockVariable Arrangement-Foam Block-Fixed ArrangementSpecially fittedFor Microphones--Specially fittedSpecially fitted-Foam Block
MaterialPlasticPlasticPlywood 7 mmPlywood 9 mmPlasticPlasticPlastic4.2 mm polystyrene with black coatingPlastic4.2 mm polystyrene with black coatingPlywood 7 mmPlywood 7 mmPlywood 7 mm7.0 mm plywood with black lamination7.0 mm plywood with black laminationPlywood 7 mmPlywood 7 mmPlastic7.0 mm plywood with black laminationPlastic
IP Certification6767676767-67---67-67
Inner width457 mm1080 mm-1150 mm864 mm551 mm752 mm-473 mm---475 mm------482 mm
Inner Depht457 mm305 mm-610 mm610 mm422 mm394 mm-360 mm---360 mm------203 mm
Inner Height457 mm343 mm-550 mm318 mm268 mm238 mm-196 mm---127 mm------368 mm
Internal dimensions (W x H x D)-1079.5 x 304.8 x 342.9 mm-115 x 61 x 55 cm---------------482.6 x 203.3 x 368.3 mm
External dimensions (W x H x D)-1145.5 x 407.2 x 329.4 mm----------47.5 x 12.7 x 36 cm-------
Internal dimensions-----55.1 x 42.2 x 26.8 cm--47.3 x 36.0 x 19.6 cm--------24.1 x 19.1 x 10.8 cm--
Distance between rack rails-------218 mm-218 mm---208 mm208 mm---208 mm-
Usable depth of front rack rail up to and including lid-------260 mm-260 mm---275 mm275 mm---275 mm-
Height-------6 U-5 U---5 U3 U---4 U-
External dimensions (W x D x H)----------535 x 160 x 445 mm-----Approx. 300 x 220 x 230 mm---


The Flyht Pro Case Stacking 4 120x50x50 cm is an Universal Stacking Case with a The inside is coated with foam, Ball corners & Stackable. The retail price is 123.21 £.


MaterialPlywood 10 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)1195 x 495 x 500 mm
Weight28 kg
Bag TypeUniversal Case
IP CertificationNo
Inner width1167 mm
Inner Depht467 mm
Inner Height475 mm

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