Flyht Pro Case Behringer X Air XR18 review: specs & price

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Name Thon Roadcase 2x d&b Max IIThon Roadcase d&b Q-SubThon Case Mackie SRM 650Thon 19" Stagebox Case 4U 18Gator GU-ZOOMH6-WPThon Intercom CaseThon NTI ToolcaseGator G-CPR-IM21WGator GU-ZOOMH4N-WPGator GU-0907-05-WPDFThon Case for 2x Maui 28 TopThon Stagebox Case 5U 22Thon 19" Stagebox Case 6U 18Thon Case for 2x Maui 28 Top EcoGator G-CPR-IM27WThon Case for 4x Maui TopThon Dividing Wall 1 Multiflex CasGator GU-2217-08-WPDFThon Roadcase 2x Achat 115M / MAThon Case for Maui 28 G2 Subwoofer
Description Roadcase on WheelsThon RoadcaseCustomised Case with WheelsCaseCase for recorderIntercom CaseTool CaseCase for handheld recorderMultipurpose CaseTransport Case19" Stagebox Case19" Stagebox CaseFlight Case for 2 Maui TopsCreative Pro BagThon Case For 4x Maui TopDivider for Multiflex Transport CaseMultipurpose CaseFlight case for 2 speakers "the box per agate 115M / MA"Flight Case
Locks And Catches4x ButterflyNoneButterfly2x Butterfly2x Butterfly-2x Snap Catch---2x Snap Catch2x Butterfly2x Butterfly2x Snap Catch-2x Snap CatchNone-4x Butterfly2x Butterfly
Strap Handles00000112101001210000
Flip Handles60420002010220200181
MaterialBirch multiplex, 10 mmBirch multiplex, 10 mmBirch multiplex, 7 mmBirch multiplex, 7 mmPlastikBirch multiplex, 7 mmBirch multiplex, 7 mm-PlastikPlastikBirch multiplex, 7 mmBirch multiplex, 7 mmBirch multiplex, 7 mmBirch multiplex, 7 mm-Birch multiplex, 7 mmBirch multiplex, 10 mmPlastikBirch multiplex, 7 mmBirch multiplex, 7 mm
Weight-12.5 kg21,80 kgApprox. 5.7 kg1.59 kg3.9 kg3.9 kg-1.81 kg5 kg7.8 kgApprox. 5.9 kg7 kg7 kg6.4 kg-2.0 kg5 kgApprox. 35.6 kg10.4 kg
Depth-820 mm545 mm225 mm335 mm120 mm315 mm152 mm152 mm256 mm-225 mm225 mm-178 mm--505 mm514 mm-
Colour--Phenol brownPhenol brownBlackPhenol brownPhenolic brown-BlackBlackPhenolic brownPhenol brownPhenol brownPhenolic brownDark GreyPhenol brown-Black-Black
External dimensions approx. (W x D x H)---55.5 x 22.5 x 30 cm-------55.5 x 27 x 30 cm--------
Internal dimensions (L x W x H)----335 x 234 x 97 mm---239 x 188 x 140 mm-----------
External dimensions----363 x 282 x 119 mm---307 x 257 x 152 mm318 x 256 x 152 mm-------638 x 505 x 224 mm--
External dimensions (W x H x D)-----480 x 350 x 120 mm------------983 x 990 x 514 mm-
Internal dimensions---------239 x 188 x 140 mm-------558 x 432 x 208 mm--
Outer dimensions (W x D x H)----------90.1 x 34.5 x 18.5 cm--90.1 x 34.5 x 18.5 cm------
Weight with 2 speakers----------Approximately 16.4 kg--Approximately 15.6 kg------
External dimensions (W x D x H)------------555 x 313 x 290 mm------55 x 43.5 x 56.5 cm


. The retail price is 58.62 £.


Depth145 mm
Locks And Catches1x Fluturaș
Strap Handles0
Flip Handles1
MaterialBirch multiplex, 7 mm

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