Fender 3-way Switch

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3-Way Switch

The Fender 3-way Switch is a 3-Way Switch with a .

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Name Harley Benton Parts 5 way Switch Knob BKFender Roadworn Tele Switch TipHarley Benton Parts 5 way Switch Knob AWHGöldo EKT3BHarley Benton Parts T-Style Switch Knob BKHarley Benton Parts 3 way SwitchFreeway Switch 3B3-01 Black Barrel TipHarley Benton Parts T-Style 3way SwitchEmerson Custom 4-Way Switch (Oak Grigsby)Göldo EL3PL
Description 3-5 Way Switch ButtonSwitch Button3-5 Way Switch ButtonSwitch ButtonSwitch Button For T-Style SwitchThree-way switch6-Way Switch in Blade Format3 Way Switch For T-Style Guitars4-Way Switch3 - Way Switch
TypeToggle CapToggle CapToggle CapToggle CapToggle CapSwitcherSwitcherSwitcherSwitcherSwitcher

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Alpha Guitar Selector Switch 3 way or 5 way including screws and Black Tip
  • ALPHA Guitar Pickup Selector Switches, choice of 3 or 5 way selector. SCREWS AND BLACK TIP INCLUDED. Switch tip has a 4mm insert. Length of switch is 48mm.
  • Item location: LLANELLI, GB
Ready Built Fender USA Telecaster Tele Wiring Upgrade/Loom/Harness 3,4 & 5-way
  • Bridge earth wire supplied with heatshrink tube to twist join with exiting earth, solder and insulate. Easy to follow colour coded wiring diagram. Fully soldered together and includes all nuts screws and washers ready to fit to your guitar.
  • Item location: CHESTERFIELD, GB
Fender Pickup Selector Switch  3-way Stratocaster Genuine
  • This is a genuine Fender part,new,unused still on the original package
  • Item location: BARNSLEY, GB
Fender 3-Way Position CRL Pickup Selector Switch- Vintage Tele Telecaster, Strat
  • Saint Music are authorised UK Fender dealers. Saint Music are based in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. Along with the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland has left the EU. However, unlike the rest of the UK, Northern Ireland has remained in EU's single market for goods.
  • Item location: COOKSTOWN, GB
3-way CRL type Pickup Lever Switch + Tip. Switch for Fender etc Electric Guitars
  • CRL style 3-Way Pickup Switch. Fender / Squier. As fitted on older USA Fender ®Strats ®. with screws and Black Or White Tip supplied.
  • Item location: HIGHBRIDGE, GB
Fender Pickup Selector Switch Choose 3-way or 5-way Strat, Tele etc.
  • 5-Way (Strat) with white tip, black tip & screws. Fender Pickup Selector Switch 3-way or 5-way. simply change the amount in the quantity box. 'add to basket' - then when you've. and we will send an invoice.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
CRL 3-way selector switch with spring action lever Fender Telecaster
  • Made in the U.S.A. Switch tip not included. CRL U.S.A. 3 way switch.
  • Item location: DERBY, GB
Fender Pure Vintage  Selector Switch 3-way OR 5-way  0038993049 & 0038929049
  • Simply change the amount in the quantity box. 'add to basket' - then when you've.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
DM-30 3-way Pickup Switch for Import Fender® Tele Ibanez® Guitar Bass Japan MIJ
  • 3-Way switch with the made in Japan Sticker. A genuine Japanese manufactured high quality lever switch with a white tip ( Black tip can be substituted if required). Dont be fooled by cheaper Chinese copies these are the real thing.
  • Item location: YORK, GB
YM-30 3-way Pickup Lever Switch for Japan Fender® Ibanez® Guitar EP-4475-000
  • 3-way pickup switch for guitar or bass. Model YM-30 - commonly used on 80s and 90s Japanese guitars. Includes black switch tip and mounting screws.
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB

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The Fender 3-way Switch is a 3-Way Switch with a . The retail price is 15.39 £. Buy Fender 3-way Switch at Thomann UK.



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