Fantek ATF17PAM Line Array Adapter review: specs & price

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Name Fantek ATF17PAM Line Array AdapterFantek ATF17PA Line Array AdapterGlobal Truss 165006 Truss Locator 18-40cmStairville Single Truss Connector TÜVDoughty T33300 Pipe Wall Bracket 300mmWork AW-140 Trus AdapterFantek ATF1DS Truss AdapterStairville Truss Adapter 36mmWork AW-155 Truss AdapterDoughty T55785 Hanging Truss Adapter B
Description Mounting RailSingle Truss ConnectorWall MountTruss-Head AdapterTruss Adapter For Tower LiftsTruss AdapterTruss AdapterTravers Suspension Adapter
Mounting typeFork 45 x 45 mmFork 45 x 45 mmAccessoriesAccessoriesWallmount40 mm SpigotAccessories36 mm stand adapter55 mm SpigotEyelet

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. The retail price is 102.32 £.


Mounting typeFork 45 x 45 mm

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