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Tom Tom Drum Head

The Evans 13" G12 White Coated is a Tom Tom Drum Head with a G12 White Coated, B13G12, White roughened, The single-ply skins are thicker than those...

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Name Aquarian 13" Reflector Ice WhiteRemo 13" Emperor SuedeRemo 13" CS White SmoothRemo 13" Diplomat Fiberskyn ClassicRemo 13" Starfire Tom Tom ChromeRemo 13" Emperor Colortone SmokeRemo 13" Emperor Colortone YellowRemo 13" Emperor White SuedeRemo 13" Powerstroke 3 Fiberskyn 3Evans 13" G12 Clear TomTom
Description DrumheadTom Tom Drum HeadDrumheadTom Tom Drum HeadTom HeadTom HeadTom Tom Drum HeadTom Tom Batter HeadTom Tom Drum Head
Type Of HeadDouble PlySingle PlySingle PlySingle PlySingle PlyDouble PlyDouble PlyDouble PlySingle PlySingle Ply
FinishSmoothTexturedSmoothSmoothSmoothSmoothSmoothTextured, CoatedSmoothSmooth
Damper Ring

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Evans TT13G12 G12 Clear Batter Head 13in
  • Evans G12 series features a single ply of 12mil film, offering single-ply feel with two-ply durability. The 20 percent thicker film also provides a deeper fundamental tone and enhanced projection versus traditional 10mil heads.For over 40 years, Evans has been a pioneer of drum head manufacturing and design. Known for innovative designs such as EMAD, EC2S, and the Hydraulic series, Evans drum heads are made in the USA in a state of the art manufacturing facility. Acquired in 1996 by D'Addario and Company, the global leader in musical instrument accessories, the Evans brand is synonymous with quality and consistency.
  • Item location: BRIGHTON, GB
Evans Coated Drum Head 13in, B13G12
  • Evans G12 Coated Drum Head (13in)
  • Item location: BRIGHTON, GB
Evans ETP-G12CTD-S Fur Set G12 Series 12-13-16
  • Evans ETP-G12CTD-S ​​Head Set G12 Series 12-13-16  To make the range of single-ply batter heads more logical and clear, Evans has renamed the G Plus series to G12. With a film thickness of 12 mil (0.3 mm), the G12 series ranks exactly between the standard series G1 (10 mil / 0.25 mm) and the even thicker G14 series (14 mil / 0.36 mm). The heads of the G12 series combine the warm, open sound of single-layer heads with the increased durability, attack and projection of double-layer heads. On the snare they produce an assertive attack tone, whereby an open, overtone-rich sound is retained. Details: Type: ETP-G12CTD-S Series: G12 Thickness: 12 mil (0.3mm) Standard fur pack 12 "/ 13" / 16 " Coated Combines warm, open sound with high attack and increased resilience.
  • Item location: , DE
Evans G12 Drum Heads - Coated
  • Evans G12 Coated 10" Drum Head. © Rattle&DrumMusic. See more.
  • Item location: DERBY, GB
Evans G12 Drum Heads - Clear
  • © Rattle&DrumMusic. PICK UP OPTION.
  • Item location: DERBY, GB


The Evans 13" G12 White Coated is a Tom Tom Drum Head with a G12 White Coated, B13G12, White roughened, The single-ply skins are thicker than those previously available but thinner than double-ply skins & High durability and warm sound like double ply heads, dynamic and flexible like single ply. The retail price is 17.74 £.


Drumhead thickness0.3 mm
Type Of HeadSingle Ply
FinishTextured, Coated
Damper RingNo

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