Evans 08" Calftone Tom

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Tom Drumhead

The Evans 08" Calftone Tom is a Tom Drumhead with a Single-ply, Synthetic replica of a natural drumhead & Produces a warm and full sound.

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Name Remo 8" Powerstroke 3 Fiberskyn 3Aquarian 8" Jack De Johnette SignatureEvans 08" Reso 7 CoatedDW 08" Transparent DrumheadRemo 08" CS White SmoothRemo 08" Emperor Colortone OrangeRemo 08" Emperor SuedeRemo 08" Emperor White SuedeRemo 08" Powerstroke 3 CoatedRemo 08" Fiberskyn 3 Medium (FA)
Description Tom Tom Batter HeadTom Tom DrumheadTom Tom Resonant HeadTom Tom HeadHead for Tom TomTom HeadDrumheadTom DrumheadTom HeadTom Drumhead
Size08"8"08"Ø 8"08"08"8"8"-8"
Type Of HeadSingle PlySingle PlySingle PlySingle PlySingle PlyDouble PlyDouble PlyDouble PlySingle PlySingle Ply
FinishSmoothSmoothTextured, CoatedSmoothSmoothSmoothTexturedTextured, CoatedTextured, CoatedTextured, Coated
Damper Ring
Thickness------7.5 mil. (0.19 mm) per ply7.5 mil. (0.19 mm) per ply-Ambassador (medium)

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Evans 8
  • Calftone Calftone drumheads are a synthetic alternative to traditional calfskin. These heads embody the calfskin look and sound but with the consistency, fit, and tuning range made standard with Level 360 Technology (tm).
  • Item location: ROTHERHAM, GB
Evans 08 Inch Calftone Tom Head - TT08C7
  • If you want a responsive, warm drum head with a decidedly retro look and feel, the Evans Calftone is a great choice. The Evans Calftone is a single ply 7-mil head with a special synthetic fiber top layer that's designed to have the look and sound of calfskin, with an added boost to mid and low frequencies.
  • Item location: Portsmouth, US

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The Evans 08" Calftone Tom is a Tom Drumhead with a Single-ply, Synthetic replica of a natural drumhead & Produces a warm and full sound. The retail price is 16.24 £. Buy Evans 08" Calftone Tom at Thomann UK.


Type Of HeadSingle Ply
Damper RingNo

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