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Switch 6

The Eurolite 6 Channel Switchboard is a Switch 6 with a 6-Channel switch board, 6 On/off switches & 6 x safety plug outputs on the back.

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Name Eurolite 6 Channel SwitchboardStairville FS-8 Foot-SwitchBotex DSP-405 - Multi-SwitchShowtec DJ Switch 10Showtec DJ Switch 10-FStairville DDS-405 LC DMX 4 Ch. DimmerStairville DDS-405 DMX Dimmer & Switcher
Description Switch 68-Channel FootswitchMulti-Switch Pack10-Channel Switch Board10-Channel Switch Board with Flash Buttons4-Channel Dimmer4-Channel Dimmer and Switchpack
Dimensions (W x H x D)-450 x 95 x 220 mm210 x 260 x 88 mm----
Weight-2.5 kg3.5 kg-2.10 kg2.9 kg1.6 kg
Dimensions----482 x 135 x 120 mm265 x 220 x 84 mm-

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Professional Splitter for Light Effects u. A.Hochlastgeräte 6 Channel+Socket
  • TO THE EBAYSHOP VISIT US! Attention DJs! SWITCHING PANEL SWITCHING UNIT Switch on all kinds of powerful electrical devices Perfect for high-performance LIGHT EFFECTS Flower, Moon, Mushroom, Strobo, Fog Machine, Motors, etc. Max. 3680 WATT per channel 6-fold switch panel Completely wired housing with 6 protective contact sockets with protective cover Cabling to 16 A safety plug 6 switches 6 fuse holders with 6.3 A. Power supply: 230 V AC, 50 Hz ~ Max. Total output: 3680 W Max. Total current: 16 A Max. Current / Channel: 6.3 A. Output sockets: 6 safety sockets Dimensions (WxDxH): 483 x 125 x 88 mm Weight: 2 kg Shipping weight: 2.20 k.
  • Item location: , DE

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The Eurolite 6 Channel Switchboard is a Switch 6 with a 6-Channel switch board, 6 On/off switches & 6 x safety plug outputs on the back. The retail price is 40.82 £. Buy Eurolite 6 Channel Switchboard at Thomann UK.


Rated power5 A/channel (Ges 15A.)
Size19" wide, 2U (9 cm) high

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