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Speaker for Bass

The Eminence Legend B102 is a Speaker for Bass with a Pop and slap bass, Jazz and rock'n'roll, 44 Hz - 4 kHz, 200 W RMS & 8 Ohm.

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Name JBL 227HPhonic Speaker Safari 3000Celestion BN10-200X 8 OhmsB&C 10 PS 26 4 OhmsEminence Legend B102Celestion G10 Vintage 16 OhmCelestion G10N-40 16 Ohmthe t.amp Speaker 10" for PA 4080Eminence The Copperheadthe box Replacement Speaker MBA120W
Description 10" WooferReplacement SpeakerWooferSpeakerSpeaker for Bass10" Chassis10" ChassisReplacement Loudspeaker10" Loudspeaker for GuitarReplacement Speaker
Impedance8 Ohms6 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms8 Ohms16 Ohms16 Ohms8 Ohms8 Ohms4 Ohms
Power rating120 W RMS80 W200 W350 W Sine wave, 700 W Peak---50 Watt RMS75 W RMS-
Load Capacity120 W80 W200 W350 W200 W60 W40 W50 W75 W120 W
Frequency range--45 - 3500 Hz55 - 4000 Hz-100 - 5500 Hz95 Hz - 5.5 kHz-70 Hz - 5 kHz-
Weight--1.5 kg--2.4 kg1.6 kg---

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  • The B102 is also suitable as a professional audio mid-range. Eminence Legend B102 8ohm 200w. NEW EMINENCE LEGEND B102 10" BASS GUITAR SPEAKER, 8ohm IMPEDANCE. No other speaker manufacturer has a better understanding of bass guitar enclosures and the physics of the woofers required to hold your back line together.
  • Item location: IPSWICH, GB
DAMAGED Eminence Legend B102 10
  • Eminence Legend B102 10" 200W Bass Speaker #R3065. The rim of the speaker is cracked, the cone is bend and the speaker is now unseated. We have fully inspected it and the speaker buzzes during use. Voice Coil: Polyamide-Imide Coated Copper.
  • Item location: Pleasant Hill, US

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The Eminence Legend B102 is a Speaker for Bass with a Pop and slap bass, Jazz and rock'n'roll, 44 Hz - 4 kHz, 200 W RMS & 8 Ohm. The retail price is 89.75 £. Buy Eminence Legend B102 at Thomann UK.


Impedance8 Ohms
Load Capacity200 W

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