Eminence Alpha-5A review: specs & price

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Name the box MA205 Replacement WooferMonacor MSH-115Fane Studio 5 FRKVisaton WF 130 NDJBL Control 1 Pro Ersatz WooferCelestion TF0510Eminence Alpha-5ASamson 8-80090007 Speaker RSE5JBL Replacement Woofer Control 25
Description Replacement SpeakerMid-range SpeakerSpeakerWooferWooferMid Range SpeakerReplacement SpeakerReplacement Woofer
Impedance8 Ω8 Ω-8 Ohms-8 Ω-4 Ohms-
Rated power-50 W RMS---30 W---
Frequency range--65 Hz - 7 kHz--130 - 8,000 Hz---
Weight--1.37 kg0.26 kg-1.0 kg---
Load capacity---40 W, 60 W peak---25 W-

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. The retail price is 45.56 £.

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