Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb review: specs & price

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Effect Pedal

The Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb is an Effect Pedal with a Easy access to powerful 'hidden' parameters through secondary controller mode, Able to create...

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Name Keeley Hooke ReverbSeymour Duncan Silver Lake Dynamic ReverbNeunaber Expanse Web w/TBKeeley Gold Star ReverbRed Panda ContextG-LAB QR-1 Quiver ReverbKeeley Vibe-O-VerbElectro Harmonix Holy Grail PlusG-LAB DR3 Dual ReverbSubdecay Super Spring Theory
Description Effects pedal for electric guitarEffects PedalProgrammable Multi-Effect PedalEffect PedalEffects Pedal for GuitarsEffect Pedal for Electric GuitarEffects PedalEffect pedalEffects PedalReverb Pedal
ControlsTone, Rate, Oct Hi, Reverb, Spring, Depth, Oct Lo, and Level---Blend, delay, decay, dampingFilter, Time, MixRate, Depth, Decay and Blend---
Dimensions (L x W x H)112 x 60 x 51 mm-117 x 73 x 51 mm112 x 68 x 51 mm116 x 93 x 43 mm-112 x 68 x 51 mm---
Weight277 g620 g200 g277 g-500 g277 g---
Battery Operation
PSU included
Current consumption-150 mA95 mA65 mA-50 mA----
Input and output----6.3 mm mono jack, mounted on the front6.3 mm jack----

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The Electro Harmonix Oceans 11 Reverb is an Effect Pedal with a Easy access to powerful 'hidden' parameters through secondary controller mode, Able to create an infinite reverb that can be played in most settings, Mode switches, Reverb type switch, LED, Effect bypass & Includes 9 V DC power supply unit. The retail price is 122.14 £.


11 Different types of reverbHall, Spring, Plate, Reverse, Echo, Trem, Mod, Dyna, Auro-INF, Shim and Poly
Tails switchDetermines whether the reverb will fade out naturally or stop immediately when the pedal is set to bypass
ControlsEFX Level - Time - Tone
ConnectionsInput (6.3mm jack) - Output (6.3mm jack) - Infinite foot switch Input (6.3mm stereo jack) - 9 V DC power supply connector (hollow plug socket 5.5 x 2.1 mm - negative pole inside)
Dimensions (W x D x H)114 x 70 x 53 mm
Battery OperationNo
PSU includedYes

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