DW 13" Resonant Snare Drum Head review: specs & price

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Snare Resonant Head

The DW 13" Resonant Snare Drum Head is a Snare Resonant Head with a Transparent Clear.

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Name Evans 13" Hybrid Snare SideDW 13" Resonant Snare Drum HeadRemo 13" Ambassador Reso ClassicRemo 13" Renaissance Reso SnareRemo 13" Emperor Snare Head ResoEvans 13" Hazy 200 Resonant HeadRemo Encore 13" Ambassador HazyRemo 13" Snare Reso HeadAquarian 13" Hi-Performance ResonantAquarian 13" Classic Clear Resonant
Description Hybrid Snare Drum Resonant HeadSnare Resonant HeadSnare drum resonant drumhead13" Snare Resonant Drum HeadEmperor 13" Snare Resonance Head ClearSnare Resonant Head13 " Diplomat Resonant Drum Head13" High Performance Snare Resonant HeadSnare Drum Resonant Head

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The DW 13" Resonant Snare Drum Head is a Snare Resonant Head with a Transparent Clear. The retail price is 18.21 £.



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