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Guitar Cabinet

The DV Mark Jazz 208 Box is a Guitar Cabinet with a .

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Name Rivera Venus Satellite 1x10Magnatone Traditional Cabinet 2x10"Blackstar Super FLY Act CabinetMooer GC 112 Guitar CabinetJoyo BantcabVox Amplug 2 CabinetOrange PPC108 blackEngl E110 Gigmaster 110Blackstar FLY 3 Extension CabinetDV Mark Jazz 208 Box
Description Loudspeaker Cabinet For Electric Guitar2x 10" Guitar CabinetGuitar CabinetMini Electric Guitar CabinetCabinet For Electric GuitarsGuitar CabinetExtension CabinetGuitar Cabinet
Components1x 10" Custom Eminence loudspeakers-----1x 8 " "Voice of the World" speakers---
Rated power50 W65 Watts--20 Watts----300 W (mono), 2x 150 W (stereo)
Impedance88-88888-8, 16
Dimensions(W x H x D)---324 x 160 x 260 mm-----
Weight5,4 kg--17,3 kg4,0 kg0,2 kg4,0 kg9.1 kg1,0 kg10,0 kg
Max. Load50 W65 W12 W60 W20 W2 W20 W40 W3 W300 W
Speaker size1x 10"2x 10"2x 3"1x 12"1 x 8"1x 3"1x 8"1x 10"1x 3"2x 8"
Equipped with-2 Magnatone Custom 10" Ceramic by WGS Made in USA Speaker--1x 8"Celestion Eight 151 Vox Original 3 "speaker--3 "speaker2 x 8" DV Mark custom-made speakers
Power-----2 Watt--3 Watt-

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The DV Mark Jazz 208 Box is a Guitar Cabinet with a . The retail price is 306.09 £.


Equipped with2 x 8" DV Mark custom-made speakers
Rated power300 W (mono), 2x 150 W (stereo)
Impedance8, 16
Weight10,0 kg
Max. Load300 W
Speaker size2x 8"

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