DV Mark Evo-FC Controller review: specs & price

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The DV Mark Evo-FC Controller is a Footswitch with a 5-way switch, MIDI OUT & 6 m MIDI cable.

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Name Radial Engineering Tonebone SSRadial Engineering Tonebone TwinLine Effects loopRadial Engineering JX 44G-LAB M4EB Midi Extension BoxDV Mark Evo-FC ControllerMooer AirSwitch Wireless FootswitchMarkbass Evo 1 ControllerRadial Engineering Tonebone Bigshot SW2Outlaw Effects The WYE ABY BoxOne Control CrocEye MIDI Programmer
Description Solidstate Amp SwitchEffect loop interface for two amplifiers4 Channel Guitar DistributorExpansion ModuleFootswitchWireless Foot-Switch Controller5-Way footswitchProgrammable Double Footswitch PedalEffect pedal for electric guitarEffects Pedal
FootswitchFootswitch to switch between amplifiers 1 and 2--------Effect Bypass
Dimensions (W x D x H)175 x 114 x 51 mm109 x 48 x 147 mm------45 x 95 x 48 mm94 x 39 x 35 mm
Weight1 kg1.1 kg---330 g-560 g240 g100 g
TypeA/BLoopSplitterMidi SplitterSchalterSwitchSchalterSwitchA/B/YMIDI Programmer
LED Display
PSU Connector
ShapeFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects Pedal19" / 1UDesktopFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects Pedal
MIDI Interface
Current consumption-------Max. 40 mA (both LEDs switched on)8 mA-

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The DV Mark Evo-FC Controller is a Footswitch with a 5-way switch, MIDI OUT & 6 m MIDI cable. The retail price is 71.8 £.


FunctionsCH1, CH2, FX1, FX2, BOOST (mute / tuner)
LED DisplayYes
PSU ConnectorYes
ShapeFloor Effects Pedal
MIDI InterfaceYes

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