Dunlop Jazz II Red 6 Pack review: specs & price

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The Dunlop Jazz II Red 6 Pack is a Picks with a Jazz II series & 6-Pack.

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Name Dunlop Nylon Standard Picks 100/WhiteDunlop Celluloid Teardrop Thin BKDunlop Gels Mediumlight Green 72PackWedgie Glow XT Picks 0.88mmDunlop Cell. Teardrop Shell HeavyPlanet Waves 1CCG2-10 Cellu-Glo Picks LightIbanez BUL14H10 PrestigeIbanez PPA16MCG-YE Pick SetIbanez PPA16MRG-WH Pick SetFender 347 Pick Set Thin
Description Plectrum SetPick SetPick SetPick SetPick SetPicksGuitar Pick Set
Thickness0,38 mmThinMedium0,88HeavyLight1,000,80 mm0,80 mmLight
Delivery Quantity10012725121036612
Gauge-Thin - 0.55 mmMedium Light--0.50 mm---Thin
Material-High quality celluloid-Nylon glow-in-the-darkHigh quality celluloid-----

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The Dunlop Jazz II Red 6 Pack is a Picks with a Jazz II series & 6-Pack. The retail price is 6.84 £.


ThicknessExtra Heavy
Delivery Quantity6

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