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Effect Pedal

The Digitech Polara is an Effect Pedal with a Reverb, True stereo signal path with separated 6.3 mm TRS inputs and outputs, True bypass, 100% Dry analog...

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Name Keeley Hooke ReverbSeymour Duncan Silver Lake Dynamic ReverbNeunaber Expanse Web w/TBKeeley Gold Star ReverbRed Panda ContextG-LAB QR-1 Quiver ReverbKeeley Vibe-O-VerbElectro Harmonix Holy Grail PlusG-LAB DR3 Dual ReverbSubdecay Super Spring Theory
Description Effects pedal for electric guitarEffects PedalProgrammable Multi-Effect PedalEffect PedalEffects Pedal for GuitarsEffect Pedal for Electric GuitarEffects PedalEffect pedalEffects PedalReverb Pedal
ControlsTone, Rate, Oct Hi, Reverb, Spring, Depth, Oct Lo, and Level---Blend, delay, decay, dampingFilter, Time, MixRate, Depth, Decay and Blend---
Dimensions (L x W x H)112 x 60 x 51 mm-117 x 73 x 51 mm112 x 68 x 51 mm116 x 93 x 43 mm-112 x 68 x 51 mm---
Weight277 g620 g200 g277 g-500 g277 g---
Battery Operation
PSU included
Current consumption-150 mA95 mA65 mA-50 mA----
Input and output----6.3 mm mono jack, mounted on the front6.3 mm jack----

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Digitech Polara reverb
  • Digitech Polara reverb. Great sounding pedal. Will require a suitable 9 vdc power supply.Excellent condition and original box etc.Uk sale only. Thanks
  • Item location: PENRITH, GB
Digitech Polara Reverb Lexicon Ambient
  • Perfect working order.Top panel mint, a few slight scuffs on sides.Legendary reverb made by Digitech in collaboration with studio reverb maestros Lexicon.
  • Item location: WELSHPOOL, GB
Digitech Polara Ambient Reverb
  • It has been used a little but remains in excellent condition and all working perfectly.
  • Item location: WELSHPOOL, GB
Digitech Polara Reverb Guitar Pedal
  • Digitech Polara Reverb Guitar Pedal - Rare, Out of Production.
  • Item location: HEYWOOD, GB
Digitech Polara Reverberation Reverb
  • Good condition, please check photos!Perfect working order.Total legend, one of the finest ambient reverbs you can buy.
  • Item location: WELSHPOOL, GB
Digitech Polara Legendary Ambient Reverb
  • Perfect working order.Excellent condition.Now discontinued, it is a joint effort by Digitech and Lexicon.
  • Item location: WELSHPOOL, GB
Digitech Polara Reverberator Reverb
  • Good condition, please check the photos.Perfect working order.One of the most highly rated compact reverbs you can buy. Developed by Digitech and reverb maestro-legends Lexicon.Anything from a t ouch of spring to full on ambient heaven.BoxedAlgorithms include room, spring, hall, plate, modulated, revers, halo (shimmer).
  • Item location: WELSHPOOL, GB
Digitech Polara Reverberation Reverb Pedal Power Supply Replacement Adapter 9v
  • These power supplies also work in all countries which use 100-240v. You will simply need a plug tip converter from UK to your countries plug type (which we don't provide). Regulated Power. 100-240v Power Compatible.
  • Item location: BANSTEAD, GB
Replacement Power Supply for DIGITECH POLARA
  • Works with model: DIGITECH POLARA. A UK mains lead with three-pin plug is included in the box. This battery is part of the Classic Electronics™; range of batteries. Classic Electronics is a highly reputable supplier, known mostly in the appliance servicing industry.
  • Item location: , GB

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The Digitech Polara is an Effect Pedal with a Reverb, True stereo signal path with separated 6.3 mm TRS inputs and outputs, True bypass, 100% Dry analog signal path, High-Voltage Rails for maximum headroom, Controls for volume, treble, release times and reverb program selection, Metal housing, Metal foot-switch & Incl. DigiTech Stomplock to protect the effect settings and Velcro mat for attachment on pedal board. The retail price is 84.8 £. Buy Digitech Polara at Thomann UK.


7 Lexicon reverb programsRoom, Plate, Reverse, Modulated, Halo, Reverb, Spring
Output optionalStereo -> Stereo, Mono -> Stereo, Mono -> Mono
Tails On / Off switchReverb tails ring on request, when the effect is switched to the bypass
Dimensions (W x D x H)67 x 112 x 51 mm
Weight453 g
Battery OperationNo
PSU includedNo

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