Denis Wick DW5534 Eb-Cornet Practice Mute review: specs & price

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Practice Damper

The Denis Wick DW5534 Eb-Cornet Practice Mute is a Practice Damper with a For E flat cornet.

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Name Wallace TWC-391 EuphoniumMike McLean Mutes Cup Mute BaritonePöltl Euphonium Straight MuteWallace TWC-371 Alto Tenorhorn StraighMike McLean Mutes Straight Tenor HornDEM-BRO Practice mute Alto HornVoigt Brass Straight Mute Tenor HornDEM-BRO Straight mute Eb CornetMike McLean Mutes Cup Mute Tenor HornHumes & Berg 160 Velvet Tone Tenor HornVoigt Brass Practice Mute BaritoneDEM-BRO Straight mute BaritoneWallace TWC-511 Tenor Tromb Wah MuteDEM-BRO Cup mute Bb CornetDEM-BRO Practice mute BaritoneVoigt Brass Practice Mute TenorhonDenis Wick DW5523 Tenor Horn StraightDEM-BRO Cup mute Eb CornetDEM-BRO Practice mute EuphoniumMike McLean Mutes Straight Mute Baritone
Description DamperDamper for BaritoneDamper for Euphonium or BaritoneStraight mute for TenorhornDamperPractice Mute for Tenor HornBrass Band Dampers for Alto/Tenor HornStraight Mute for Eb CornetCup DamperVelvet TonePractice Mute for BaritoneStraight Mute for Baritone (Straight Design)Wah- Wah Mute for Tenor TromboneCup Mute for Bb CornetPractice Mute for Baritone (Straight Design)Practice Mute for Tenorhorn/ AlthornMute for TenorhornCup Mute for Eb CornetPractice Mute for EuphoniumDamper
MaterialAluminiumFiberglassWoodAluminiumFiberglassWoodFibresFibresFiberglassVulcan FibreFibresFibresAluminiumFibresWoodFibresAluminiumFibresWoodFiberglass
InstrumentEuphoniumBaritonEuphoniumTenor HornTenor HornAlto HornTenor HornKornett in EbTenor HornTenor HornBaritonBaritonTromboneKornett in BbBaritonTenor HornTenor HornKornett in EbEuphoniumBariton
TypeStraightCupStraightStraightStraightPractice MuteStraightStraightCupBucketPractice MuteStraightWah- WahCupPractice MutePractice MuteStraightCupPractice MuteStraight


The Denis Wick DW5534 Eb-Cornet Practice Mute is a Practice Damper with a For E flat cornet. The retail price is 30.02 £.


InstrumentKornett in Eb
TypePractice Mute

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