Deering Goodtime Banjo Starter Package

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Banjo Starter Set

The Deering Goodtime Banjo Starter Package is a Banjo Starter Set with a 5-String open back banjo, 22 Frets, 3-Ply maple rim, 11" Frosted top High crown...

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Name Gold Tone WR-7 Wayne Rogers SignatureGold Tone Dojo DLX BanjoDeering Eagle II Tenor 19-FretDeering Goodtime Midnight Special LHRecording King RK-Elite-75Gold Tone BUC Concert Banjo w. CaseGold Tone Irish Tenor Banjo 12"Gold Tone CC-OT Package VBDeering Goodtime 6 Banjo 11"Gold Tone MM-150LN Maple Mountain
Description 7-String Openback Banjo with Pickup5Sstring Dojo Banjo with PickupTenor Banjo5-String Banjo5-String Banjo4-String Concert BanjoIrish 12" Tenor Banjo5-String Open-Back Cripple Creek Clawhammer Banjo6-String Banjo5-String Open-back Banjo
NeckMapleMapleMaple, MahoganyMapleMahoganyMapleMapleMapleMapleMaple
FretboardSelected woodRosewood (Dalbergia latifolia)Ebony (Diospyros Crassiflora Hiern)-RosewoodBlackwoodBlackwoodBlackwood-Blackwood
Nut width47.6 mm30.2 mm---34.9 mm (1.37")31.7 mm30.2 mm (1.19")42.85 mm25.4 mm
Scale648 mm670 mm--700 mm394 mm (15.51")495 mm665 mm (26.18")-812.8 mm
Tone ring12" Brass----SteelBrassBrass-White Lady
Rim12" Maple-3-Ply violin-grade maple--MapleMapleMaple-Maple
Tension hoopFlat bar-Deering brass notched--Steel-Flat Bar--
TailpieceTerminator-True Tone Deering--EZ-String-No-Knot--
Head12" LC Renaissance----8" LC Smooth12" HC Renaissance--​​11 Remo Renaissance
ColourNaturalSunburst--Natural brownVintage brown satinNaturalVintage Brown MatteNatural-
BodyMapleMapleMaple RimMapleMahoganyMapleMapleMapleMapleMaple
Incl. Case
Incl. Gigbag
Bridge-Maple with ebony capMaple/Ebony----Maple with ebony cap--
Resonator-BiscuitMaple in stained red mahogany, high-gloss-------
Number Of Srings-545544565
Fretboard inlays--Original Eagle----Dots & Star--
Machine heads--Banjo Planetary----Enclosed--
Finish---SatinNitrocellulose----Natural Gloss

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Any purchases made through our eBay or Amazon links may result in this site receiving a commission as an active participant in their affiliate programs.

Deering Goodtime Tenor Banjo
  • Selling a Deering Goodtime Tenor Banjo. In excellent condition Tuned to Irish GDAE. Comes with a soft padded case Includes a Deering shoulder strap Used for a few months but purchased a new antique banjo A video of it being played is available 17 frets
  • Item location: LEAMINGTON SPA, GB
Deering Goodtime 5-String Banjo, Open Back, USA Made
  • If you want a top quality reasonably priced banjo, this is the one! It provides a vibrant singing banjo tone. Deering Fiddle Shaped Peghead. Provides a vibrant singing banjo tone. 5-String Open Back Banjo, Amazing Low Price For such High Quality.
  • Item location: MORECAMBE, GB
Deering Goodtime  5 String Banjo with Resonator
  • This Banjo is in very good condition apart from the wear to the first four frets and the fingermarks at the first position. The fret wear doesn't seem to spoil the sound and the banjo is set up well.
  • Item location: EMSWORTH, GB
Deering Goodtime 5 String Open Back Beginner Banjo Package
  • Deering Fiddle Shaped Peghead. Deering 2 Finger DVD. All you need to play 5-String Banjo. Includes: Open Back Banjo. Banjo Strap. Does include: banjo, strap, picks, & Snark tuner. Blonde 3-ply Violin Grade Maple Rim.
  • Item location: MORECAMBE, GB
Deering Goodtime Americana 5-String Banjo with 12-inch Rim
  • Deering Fiddle Shaped Peghead. 12″ Deering Renaissance High Crown Head. A traditional 11” banjo with a frosted top head has a far brighter sound and will “cut” more. Blonde 3-ply 12" Violin Grade Solid Maple Rim.
  • Item location: MORECAMBE, GB
Deering Goodtime Ukulele Banjo
  • Patented Deering Bridge Plate. Aquila Super Nylgut Strings. Because only the best will do. Extended Fingerboard. 11” Renaissance Head. 3-ply Violin Maple 11” Rim. Concert Scale. It sounds warm, beautiful and round.
  • Item location: MORECAMBE, GB
Deering Goodtime GDT-G2L 5 String Banjo - Left Handed - Gig Bag - 2nd Hand
  • This may be due to the reflective nature of the item or the finish. Case/Box: Gig Bag. This is a previously loved item and as such may have signs of use. SolidGoldFX Surf Rider Deluxe Rudy's Music Limited Edition - 2nd Hand.
  • Item location: SHEFFIELD, GB
Deering Banjo Stitched Leather Cradle Strap For Goodtime and Vega Banjos
  • The Stitched Leather Cradle Strap features brushed leather for a weathered look. Deering Stitched Leather Cradle Strap.
  • Item location: HUDDERSFIELD, GB
Deering Artisan Goodtime Openback 5 String Banjo Made in the USA with Warranty
  • The familiar rich dark brown stain, planetary tuning pegs and the addition of 5th string spikes at frets 7, 9, 10 for alternate tunings allows this light weight Maple banjo to exceed the feature splayer want and need. The violin-grade Maple rim is made of the same wood used on the professional level Deering models and gives the Goodtime banjo a rich, full, round note distinction. You are buying a quality instrument made of wood. Each instrument goes thorough a pre-shipment inspection to ensure you are getting a great quality instrument. However, please keep in mind when instruments are shipped they can endure temperature changes as well as doing the "shipper shuffle" and therefore minor adjustments may be needed to set up the instrument to your personal preferences.
  • Item location: Canton, US
Deering Goodtime 2 Banjo. With Resonator And Hard Case.
  • The banjo is a 5-string type with a right-handed orientation, making it perfect for any aspiring musician. There are very minimal scuffs and marks. See photos.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
Deering Goodtime Leader Parlor 19 Fret Banjo With Resonator
  • I purchased this Banjo in May 2020 I then added the resonator a couple of months later. This item has been very lightly played for approximately four monthsAs you can see by the photographs it is in lovely condition. I bought a Deering John Hertford banjo in October 2020 so this banjo has not been used since that time. Buyer collects cash on collection only.
  • Item location: LEIGHTON BUZZARD, GB
Deering Goodtime Special Open Back 5 String + Strap, Books, Plectrum, dampener
  • Performance wise, the banjo is perfectly fine and doesn't harbour any scuffs or dents. I have no experience with guitar/banjo maintenance so I am scared to fiddle with anything. The strap is a genuine black deering banjo saddle strap that is very comfortable and secure.
  • Item location: LIVERPOOL, GB

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The Deering Goodtime Banjo Starter Package is a Banjo Starter Set with a 5-String open back banjo, 22 Frets, 3-Ply maple rim, 11" Frosted top High crown headstock, 16 Lugs, Patented Deering Goodtime tailpiece & Includes strap, DVD (Two Fingers Method), clip tuner, fingerpicks (1x thumb, 2x finger) and gigbag. The retail price is 527.45 £. Buy Deering Goodtime Banjo Starter Package at Thomann UK.


ColourNatural matte
Number Of Srings5
Incl. CaseNo
Incl. GigbagNo

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