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2-Way active speaker

The dB Technologies Ingenia IG4T is a 2-Way active speaker with a Equipped with 4x 6.5" and 1.4" speakers, Max. SPL 132 dB, Class D amplifier, DSP...

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Name KS audio CPD 10Seeburg K 20 dp 90°Seeburg Acoustic Line A6-dpKS audio CPD 12dB Technologies DVX D15 HPFBT Ventis 112AFBT Vertus CLA 206 ASyrincs S3AdB Technologies Ingenia IG4TdB Technologies LVX 15the box pro DSX 110RCF ART 315 A MK IV Case BundledB Technologies Opera Unica 12FBT J MaxX 110AFBT HiMAXX 40aNumark LightwaveProel FLASH12XDRCF 4PRO 1031-AANT BBM 3the box Singer Bundle
Description 2-Way Full-Range SpeakerHiMid SystemProfessional active multifunction speaker2-Way Full-range LoudspeakerActive 15" 2-Way SpeakerActive 2-way full-range speakerActive Full-range Loudspeaker2-Way active speakerActive Full-Range SpeakerActive Full-Range SpeakerBundle offer comprising:Active Full-Range SpeakerActive full-range multi-functional speakerActive SpeakersActive Loudspeaker with LightingActive Full-range Loudspeaker with Integrated Digital Power AmplifierActive multi-function loudspeakerCompact Active 2-Way SpeakerSoundcraft Ui12
Power600 Watt RMS-2x 500 W1000 W RMS1400 W peak, 700 W RMS700 W Class D (LF) and 200 W Class H (HF)--900 W RMS800 W/PRG, 400 W/RMS--900 W (RMS) / 1800 W (peak)--200 W of peak power, 100 W of continuous class D amplification----
Equipped with10" Neodymium woofer 1.4" ND compression driver--12" neodymium woofer, 1.4" ND Compression driver---10"/ 1"-15" Woofer, 1" tweeter with 90° x 40° horn--12"/ 1"--3 Woofer 6.5" and 1" tweeter12" woofer and 1" tweeter-3.5" woofer and 0.8" neodymium high-frequency driver-
Frequency range68 Hz - 19 kHz70 - 18000 Hz (-6dB)50 - 20,000 Hz58- 19,000 Hz49 - 20,000 Hz42 - 20,000 Hz (-6 dB)--[- 10 dB]54 - 19,000 Hz--73 - 20,000 Hz (-6dB)58 - 20,000 Hz--55 - 20,000 Hz---
Dimensions510 x 290 x 350 mm-606 x 360 x 340 mm580 x 350 x 410 mm-----430 x 680 x 430 mm--350 x 642 x 349 mm320 x 550 x 275 mm-213 x 742 x 254 mm-539 x 320 x 320 mm-85 x 177 x 320 mm
Weight19.0 kg22 kg-25.0 kg30.3 kg20.6 kg-12 kg19.4 kg20.7 kg15.48 kg-15 kg--10.4 kg19 kg16.7 kg2.1 kg2.29 kg
Multifunctional Housing
Pole Mount
Woofer size1x 10"2x 10"1x 12"1x 12"1x 15"1x 12"2x 6,5"1x 10"4x 6,5"1x 15"1x 15"1x 15"1x 12"1x 10"1x 12"3x 6,5"1x 12"1x 10"-1x 12"
Tweeter, 1" and Larger
Weight in kg19,0 kg22,0 kg16,8 kg25,0 kg30,3 kg20,6 kg-12,0 kg19,4 kg20,7 kg-19,0 kg15,0 kg-17,9 kg10,4 kg19,0 kg16,7 kg2,1 kg17,0 kg
Equipment-2x 10" Nd / 1,4" Nd12" ND woofer and 1" ND driver----------10" and 1" speakers------
Beam angle-90° x 60°.-----------90° x 60°.------
Dimensions (H x W x D)-660 x 300 x 360 mm------956 x 195 x 271 mm-----------
Colour-Black--BlackBlack-Grey /black-----Black----Black-
Dimensions (W x H x D)----430 x 690 x 450 mm387 x 665 x 380 mm-310 x 460 x 295 mm--335 x 545 x 320 mm-----390 x 623 x 350 mm-134.3 x 220.4 x 136.4 mm-
Maximum SPL-----133 dB------132 dB-------
Inputs-----XLR / jack combo socket and RCA ("Cinch" stereo)---------XLR/6.3 mm jack, stereo RCA and 3.5 mm stereo jack for a DJ mixer, microphone or instruments----
Coverage pattern--------110° x 90°---100° x 85°-------
Max. SPL---------128 dB-------127 dB103 dB-
Dispersion pattern----------90° x 60°-----90° x 60°---


The dB Technologies Ingenia IG4T is a 2-Way active speaker with a Equipped with 4x 6.5" and 1.4" speakers, Max. SPL 132 dB, Class D amplifier, DSP controller, Limiter, EQ presets, AD / DA converter, Display, 1 Input XLR / jack, 1 Output XLR link, Mini USB & 36 mm Stand flange mount. The retail price is 1410.14 £.


Power900 W RMS
Frequency range[- 10 dB]
Coverage pattern110° x 90°
Dimensions (H x W x D)956 x 195 x 271 mm
Weight19.4 kg
Optional coverArt.406766
Multifunctional HousingNo
Pole MountYes
Woofer size4x 6,5"
Tweeter, 1" and LargerYes
Weight in kg19,4 kg

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