Dampit Humidifier Bass review: specs & price

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Name Stretto Humidifier Double Bass BKStretto Replacement Bag Cello BKStretto Humidifier Cello BKRDM Humitron Humidifier DoubleBassDampit Humidifier Bass
Description Replacement BagsHumidifier for CelloHumidifier
Analogue / mechanical

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  • This is a hard to find clipping taken from a back issue of a Music Newspaper Or Magazine.
  • Item location: PETERBOROUGH, GB
Dampit Instrument Humidifier for Bass
  • Dampit Instrument Humidifier for Bass The original Dampit Humidifier and the only one to come with its own humididty guage Superior sofet rubber sleeve encloses a special open cell sponge Simply soak in water, wipe off and insert into the F hole of your bass
  • Item location: Richmond, US
DAMPIT Humidifier for Bass
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  • Item location: , DE

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Analogue / mechanicalYes

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