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String Set For Baglamas And Tzouras

The Daddario J91 is a String Set For Baglamas And Tzouras with a Nickel wound.

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Name Pyramid Tiple String SetPyramid Charango Strings Set SteelPyramid Guitarron StringsetPyramid Charango Saiten Set SteelPyramid Cuatro StringsetDaddario J91Pyramid Mandola String SetPyramid Charango Strings Set NylonPyramid Aoud StringsPyramid Cigar Box 4 Light
Description String SetStrings setString SetString SetString SetString Set For Baglamas And TzourasMandola string setString SetStrings for Turkish AoudString Set for 4-String Cigar Box Guitar
Scale length55 cm---52 cm-----
GaugesE´e´e´.009 / bbb .008 / g´.008 + G .022w + g´.008 / d´.011 + d .027w + d´.011-Nylon wound a .055w / e .070w / c .105w Bronze wound G .055w D .075w / A .098w-G´g´.011 / d´d´.014 / a a .022w / e´.014 + e .032w / H .036w + h .022w010 - 010 - 013 - 013 - w022 - 010----
InstrumentTipleCharangoGuitarrónCharangoCuatroBaglamasMandolaCharangoAoudCigar Box Guitar
Diameter009 - 027-055 - 098-011 - 022009 - 010----
MaterialSteelSteelNylon, BronzeSteelSteelNickel plated SteelCopperNylon-Nickel plated Steel
Ball End
Scale-32-36cm67 cm32 - 36 cm---32-36 cm58-60 cm-

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The Daddario J91 is a String Set For Baglamas And Tzouras with a Nickel wound. The retail price is 6 £.


Gauges010 - 010 - 013 - 013 - w022 - 010
Diameter009 - 010
MaterialNickel plated Steel
Ball EndNo

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