Cordial CSE0.3NH5 review: specs & price

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Cat5 Cable

The Cordial CSE0.3NH5 is a Cat5 Cable with a With Neutrik RJ 45 plug on one side.

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Name pro snake CAT 5 DrumRME BO-968 AES/EBUpro snake TPO 5 TOpro snake TPO 15 TOpro snake TPO 10 TONeutrik NKE6S-1Neutrik NKE6S-10pro snake TPO 3 TOLindy Cat6 Flach-Cable 5m WhiteNeutrik NKE6S-5
Description Cat 5 Cable On DrumBreakout CableHigh-Quality Fibre Optic CableHigh quality optical cableHigh Quality Optical CableReady-To-Use CAT6 CableReady-to-use CAT6 CableHigh Quality Optical CableCat.6 Ribbon Patch CableReady-Made CAT 6 Cable
Length95,00 m0,20 m5,00 m15,00 m10,00 m1,00 m10,00 m3,00 m5,00 m5,00 m
Connector 1RJ45Sub-D 9-pinToslinkToslinkToslinkNE8MC6NE8MC6ToslinkRJ45NE8MC6
Connector 2RJ45Cinch, XLRToslinkMini-ToslinkMini-ToslinkNE8MC6NE8MC6Mini-ToslinkRJ45NE8MC6


The Cordial CSE0.3NH5 is a Cat5 Cable with a With Neutrik RJ 45 plug on one side. The retail price is 22.2 £. Buy Cordial CSE0.3NH5 at Thomann UK.


Length0,30 m
Connector 1RJ45
Connector 2RJ45

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