Cordial CLS 240

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High-Flex Speaker Cable

The Cordial CLS 240 is a High-Flex Speaker Cable with a .

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Name Sommer Cable Elephant SPM525Stairville Speakercable 225 Roll 100mSommer Cable SC Elefant SPM 4025Stairville Speakercable 215 Roll 100mpro snake 54000Cordial CLS 225 TTthe sssnake SSK 215 GRCordial CLS 225 Black FRNCCordial CLS 215 Black FRNCAdam Hall KLS825 Speaker Cable Multicore
Description Speaker Cable, Multi-coreSpeaker cable on coilMulticore Speaker CableSpeaker cable on coilSpeaker cable sold by the metreProfessional Twin Speaker CableHigh Quality Speaker CableSpeaker Cable (Meterware)Professional Speaker Cable (Meterware)Speaker Cable
Weight190 g / meter--------179 g/m
Amount Of Conductors5262222228
Core Diameter2,5 mm²2,5 mm²4 mm²1,5 mm²1,5 mm²2,5 mm²1,5 mm²2,5 mm²1,5 mm²2,5 mm²
100m Roll
Length-100 m-100 m------
Strand-50 x 0.25 mm-30 x 0.25 mm------
Conductor class-5-5------
Coat-Black, soft PVC-Black soft PVC------
Wire cross-section-2x 2.5 mm²-2x 1.5 mm²------
Diameter--14 mm--6.9 ± 0.4 mm-8.0 mm6.6 mm-
Weight per metre--380 g----108g74 g-
Conductor design-----48 x 0.25 mm CU blank-50 x 0.25 mm30 x 0.25 mm-
Conductor resistance-----7.98 Ohm/km---

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Any purchases made through our eBay or Amazon links may result in this site receiving a commission as an active participant in their affiliate programs.

CORDIAL CLS 240 - Speaker Cable 4 MM ² Highflex, Sold by the Metre
  • With a copper cross-section of 2 x 4 mm2, the CLS 240 speaker cable is very well suited for larger installation distances.   Due to its quite high weight of 160g/m in combination with high flexibility and stability, the CLS 240 is particularly recommended for floor laying in the event and studio area.   All of our items have a 30-day right of return without additional Reason. Sheet music, reading material and software are non-returnable. The general terms and conditions of Zoundhouse GmbH& Co.KG apply. The European Union provides an online platform (OS platform) for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes When purchasing multiple items from us: Place the items in the shopping cart and select Request total from buyer at the top right. If you intend to buy multiple articles: Put t.
  • Item location: , DE
CORDIAL CLS 240 - Speaker Cable 4mm2 Highflex, By the Meter
  • Mit einem Kupfer-Querschnitt von 2 x 4 mm2 ist das Speakerkabel CLS 240 für größere Verlegungsdistanzen sehr gut geeignet. Aufgrund seines recht hohen Gewichts von 160g/m in Kombination mit hoher Flexibilität und Stabilität ist das CLS 240 besonders für die Bodenverlegung im Event- und Studiobereich zu empfehlen.
  • Item location: , DE

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The Cordial CLS 240 is a High-Flex Speaker Cable with a . The retail price is 6.53 £. Buy Cordial CLS 240 at Thomann UK.


Cable cross section2 x 4.0 mm²
Conductor design225 x 0.15 mm CU blank
Conductor resistance4.95 Ohm/km
Diameter9.5 mm
Weight160 g/m
Amount Of Conductors2
Core Diameter4 mm²
100m RollNo

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